The Western Baronies


Originally taken from Pathfinder I decided ultimately to graft the Baronies into the Northern Wilderness as a Human Territory. The Consortium has moved into the Darkmoon Wood in search of the ever elusive Blackwood trees. (Those familiar with this region from pathfinder will note several major differences from the original content as created by me to fit my campaign.)

Meanwhile Falcon’s Hollow, Asdelor and Dawnhaven, though still Baronies are not recognized by the local Wolfen tribes or the Human nations. The Consortium originally established the Baronies to assist the shipment of their lumber south beyond the Algor Mountains.
All of the smaller villages have cropped up as enterprising immigrants have moves into the area to try and make a living off the Consortium’s scraps. The recent discovery of area ruins has also drawn a large influx of adventurers and merchants.
The Western Baronies is threatening to become a large and established human territory if the Wolfen don’t act soon.

Other places of interest
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The Splendid Puss
Darkmoon Woods

The Western Baronies

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