The Tainted

The Blacksour taint plague swept the western baronies like a wildfire. The disease acted so rapidly that hundreds of thousands died within weeks of the onset. The dead where stacked in mountains outside city walls. Nothing else could be done while cities and towns lay in the grasp of the illness.
The surviving residence of Falcons Hollow fled to parts unknown leaving only the city guard and a few die hard citisens to deal with the dead.
Piled north of town the guard spent days digging graves, a great field of them where prepared.
Before the guard could get the corpses buried however something unimaginable happened.
That great mountain of the dead began to stir and move. Soon it became a clawing mass of undead snapping and ripping at itself as individuals fought to be free of the entangled limbs around them.
Not having the man power to deal with this situation the guard fled back into the protection of the city. The undead followed. It did not take the undead horde long to breach the walls. After that they killed every living thing they came across. The bloodbath coated the city in torn bodies and dying screams. The nightmare tainted took the city of Falcons hollow as their own.
The Tainted are simply the risen victims of the Plague. There is reason to believe they may not be traditional undead but information on them is scarce… generally those who encounter the tainted become ill with the taint and soon join the horde ranks.

What is known is to follow
The tainted have skin that has turned as black as oil. This is reminiscent of the Blackwood trees seen earlier in the Darkwoods.

The tainted carry a black ichor within that acts as though alive. If the tainted is destroyed the ichor actually collects itself and seeps into the ground.

Those who come into contact with this ichor contract the taint and soon join the undead.

Though the tainted can be disabled much as the normal undead they seem to be more resistant to damage. Something within seems to hold them together. Unlike most undead the Tainted have no fear of flame… instead it is water that seems to give them pause. The more water the more they fear it. Even snow makes the undead pause in uncertainty. It is confirmed the undead can function in anything that is not liquid water. Snow and fog cause no damage but they still don’t like it. It has not yet been confirmed what effects water truly has on the undead, they avoid it at all costs. So far what can be confirmed is that no Tainted have been encountered near bodies of water. They do not venture out when it rains and even something as small as a puddle will cause the creatures to stop and alter course around the obstacle.

Recent experience proves that the plague is not actually a disease. It seems that the black ichor existing within the Tainted is actually some kind of living entity. These creatures seem to somehow be directly related too Dage. Some recently gained knowledge suggests that the ichor is infact part of Dage. Regardless its nature the Ichor has begun to change. Where before it was a liquid it has been transforming. During the partys most recent encounter the ooze seemed to be wearing its host like a suit of armor. The ichor was actually very resilient and was able to take on a semi solid state. The ichor also exhibits traits of intelligence.
For all intents and purposes the plague seems to be less a disease now than it is an invasion.

The Tainted

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