Tamora Mortull conversation

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She looks at Mortull, her face absolutely serious. “You saw what I done to that Orc? I was not of right mind when I done it, I cared nothing for him, I just wanted to keep him alive for as long as I could as I skinned him alive. When I loose myself, Merc, I am nothing.”

(1969) Mortull: (whispering): “Mostly I stay wide of you as best I can, for all our sakes, so I can’t tell.”

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “Watch me from now on, if I look vacant… and I mean completely dead to emotion. Kill me.” She requests.

(1969) Mortull: (whispering): “That I certainly can do. That is, unless you fight back, then results aren’t guaranteed.”

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She looks alittle annoyed by his reply. “I will fight back, you will have to kill me quickly. You payment shall be whatever is on my corpse and you are not to speak of anything that we have spoke about here TO ANYONE.” She stresses the last words.

(1969) Mortull: (whispering): “Right. Well, I promise if you lose it like that again I’ll blindside you with mortal force.” He shrugs “If that’s what you really want of me. Do you have any relatives? I’d prefer to send any items of sentimental value to them, if possible.”

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “There is no one.” She assures him not looking him in the eye, as though she was hiding something. “I have a further request. If you can, there is a farm about half a days travel from Falcon’s Hollow. You will know it as mine. Burry my ring in the flowerbed by the kitchen.” She sounds tired.

(1969) Mortull: (whispering): “Done.” He extends his right hand, he decides he’ll bury her along with her gear. This sounds like a request that shouldn’t be profited from.

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She gives him a sharp nod before shaking his hand. She keeps contact just long enough to be respectful before turning her back and leaving him, moving towards the rest of the group.

Tamora Mortull conversation

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