Tam Blood convo Two

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Tamora, what is wrong, you could talk to me before, believe it or not there is a part of me that wonders what it could be like"

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “Wonders what what could be like?” She asks with disinterest.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): "nothing, nevermind, I think I know the answer without thinking about it. What was that parchment? Is there something else left undone? Sure, Dage needs to dissapear, sure this world isn’t right, sure you miss your family, let me tell you something, you think anyone else around here would hunt for you? Watch over you as you do as you wish….Think anyone else would even notcie your missing????

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “I think that no one would miss me, I have no family or friends, and no one will look out for me besides myself, even you have said that you will betray my trust, betray my one request of you. So I have no-one.” She replies with mild anger.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): So that comment is what has thrown you off….nothing will bring you back, nothing will allow you to live in the present, only in the past, only for the “good” of yourself, then what…..fade away into the sunset, drift off into nothingness, let you expire before its your time? Well then, if that is what you wish, and they way you want to live I say your dead already, no amount of companionship will ever bring you back.

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “I have long since learned that people cannot be trusted, I thought maybe you were different, but I see that I was mistaken. Maybe I am dead because of it, but it is the way I’ve survived and I will use it to kill Jasper. With or without this groups help.”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): So then you are not to be trusted either, why are you with these people? Why are you not on your own enacting your own vengance and wrath on all that come in your path…..I let you down because I was truthfull to your request, You would let me down for your own desires and hatred?
(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She allows a small growl as she answers. “You’re right, I’m not to be trusted. I have not given my word that I shall help you all and so may leave you at a moments notice. I told Ooyuki once that the only person he can trust is himself, I shall tell you the same thing now.” She speeds up a little. “I have an agenda, and nothing will get in my way as I complete it.”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): And I have an agenda also, I made a pact with someone, as for trust, trust who you will, You will always have someone watching you, for that you can be certain YOU are the reason I am here, and my reasons have turned from profesisonal to personal. Your agenda is also mine until complete.

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She sighs and looks away from him. “It would be better if you didn’t trust me, Blood.” She speaks ever quieter than she was previously. “You make my choices hard for me, I can’t… I…”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Trust has nothing to do with it, as you have plainly spoken, while my ideas have shifted, my persuasions have not. Your choices are your own, this is the way you want it, this will be the way it is done. Falls back and gets back on Oscar

Tam Blood convo Two

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