Tam Blood convo three

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She’s crying.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): As much as it pains Bloodbourn he will not interfeer

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She tears through the trees, slamming against some as she seems almost oblivious to them. The only sounds she emits are grunts of pain as she causes herself injury in her flight from the group.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Blood follows patiently waiting for herself to wear down………*His heart breaking with each blow her body takes from the surounding folage"

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): After several hundred feet of blind running through the trees, Tam trips and catches her face against a collapsed and dead tree-trunk, splitting her lip and grazing her cheek, blood starts to seep down her cheek as she tries to climb back to her feet. She stumbles again and rubs her ankle a grimace of pain on her lips. She wipes her eyes of her tears inpatiently as she braces herself against the fallen tree and trying to climb to her feet.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Blood watches, and circles around to the front of her path

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She hesitantly climbs back to her feet and, limping slightly, she continues moving albeit at a much slower pace.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Gets in front of her and stops her, grabing both her arms, and blocking her body. He looks into her eyes with sorrow yet warmth and comfort

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): "slow down there, you dont need to get beat up like this. Attempts to wipe the tears from her cheeks, and blood from her lips

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She fights against him for a moment before looking at him, her face contorted in a mix of fear and pain. Her voice is hoarse as she tries to speak. “Please Blood… Why?”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): “Because I have a reason bigger than myself, bigger than riches and fame”
(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “Why… did you defend me?”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): “Does it really matter?”

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “I…” She falls silent, falling into some internal battle and, after a few seconds, one side seems to have won. She looks unsure of herself as she leans into him, brushing her lips against his.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): He holds her until she softens in his arms, then pulls his lips from hers. "Come, lets get back to the rest of the group, worried or not, they need us and we need them for now. *He gives her one more squeeze, and one more kiss and asks her, "What is it that keeps you up at night?:

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): " Nevermind we can discuss that later, lets get back to the party"

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She shakes her head slightly, before letting him go. “I… I’m not going back just now, I need some time.” She explains before starting to walk along the way that she had been going previously. She murmurs something to herself, unable to bring herself to look at him.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): *Bloodbourn follows along beside her with a watchfull eye on her and one on the souroundings?

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She speaks quietly as she limps onwards, favouring her left leg heavily. “I am not wanted in the group, you and Raed are the only ones that have been spoken to me, and I have yet to find out what either of you want. You defended me against the Mercenary” She says the word with venom. “I understand why the group hate me, I have given them no reason not to, but I cannot be with them right now.”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): You have given them no reason to hate you, and not everyone wants something from someone else. Sometimes company and companionship is more……nevermind, when you have had nothing but a big ole Drayback as your companion, its nice to hear someone to talk back. Expecially someone as fair as you.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Why you think the party does not want you….that is a mystery to me, one I care not to uncover. I have not heard of this but from your lips. I dont know why but you……….Your right, lets just walk, but we do not want to get to far, being lost in these woods is not always a good idea

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): Sher stiffens, her face dark as she presumes that he’s talking about her appearance. “I not really much to look at, Blood…. although, Ooyuki…. Nevermind.” She shakes her head and immediately regrets it, rubbing her head. “I need not hear it from them, their looks are enough. The mercenary spoke what others were thinking. I don’t belong here.”

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She shivers slightly at the drop in temperature and eyes the dark of the trees with a disquietened expression.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): What about Ooyuki………

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She sighs slightly, before shaking her head slightly. “He mentioned my apperance, said that I was… good to look at.” She looks confused, without looking at him.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): And this bothers you?

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Many of my kind would be so fortunate with a compliment of that.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): As for not being in the group…..nevermind those words what is important is that you are here and here now

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “I don’t understand it, I’m nothing to look at, not attractive or pretty, so it confuses me.” She continues to look away, almost like she is ashamed.
(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She looks over the left, moving a little closer to the road so that she could keep an eye on where they were as they walked. Hesitantly, she reaches for his hand.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Blood takes her hand and smiles sheepishly, he pulls her down, grabs her hair and kisses her.

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She tenses for a moment before allowing herself to succomb to his kiss, returning it with passion, kneeling infront of his as she does so, running her hands around his back and pulling him closer.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): *He tries to move so he does not stab her with his horns that cover his body and falls in the moment. Pulls her on top…..

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Blood suddenly stiffins, and rolls Tamora off of him and stands watching the two figures appraoch

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She allows him to manhandle her, a small moan escaping her as their lips break contact for a moment, she quickly reclaims them as soon as she is comfortably ontop of him. She growls slightly as she looks around at the distraction. She stands and moves to take a look at the figure they are carrying.


(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Turns to Tamora Wow…..see THAT is why you dont wander off alone!" Rushes to the figure on the large cat checking for signs of life

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “I… didn’t think I would be missed.” She answers quietly, following him towards the cats at a more sedate pace, looking Angel over also.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): You would be large smile back in her direction

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She kneels before the exhausted creatures, making sure that they were alright, looking for injuries. She glances at the wolf for a moment, looking like she recognises it and she reaches towards it with trepidation. She coos gently, aiming to be conforting as she smooths over the animals, still looking for injuries. “Can you tend her?” She asks, without looking away from her self-appointed job.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): (1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering to GM) Pulls aAngel off the back of Sondreas and starts carying her to the party on the road.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering to GM) Yelling for healing along the way

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): "I will be back

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Be carfull bring them to the rest if they can make it I am going to them for help!

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She nods to him. “The animals won’t be moving any time soon, I’ll stay here and tend them as best I can.” Her eyes never stray from the two beasts beside her.

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): After a few moments, Tam and the two animals catch up with Blood, she looks worriedly at them. “They wouldn’t leave her.” She says quietly, almost angrily.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Can you rush ahead and try to warn the group? If the animals must they can stay with me. (what is your speed?)
(1973) Tamora: (whispering): she gives him a nod, and races off towards the group still limping slightly as she tries to get back to the group without injuring herself further.
(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She glances towards Blood. A heavily pained but determined look in her eyes as she tries to spure her body on, dispite loosing more and more ground to him. Every muscle in her body burns and she stumbles a couple of times but manages to catch herself before falling. Her breathing comes in ragged and pained gasps and tears well in her eyes as she continues to try to push herself well beyond her capabilities.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): *Stay back catch your breath, I will come back to you I promise

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She either seems to be unable to hear him, or is ignoring him as she continues running.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): "Blood slows his pace so she does not labor so hard

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She still seems unaware of what he’s doing and continues much as she has.

Tam Blood convo three

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