Tam Blood convo One

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She’s now willing to follow Blood.
(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Tamora, what was that all about?

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): what was that whole lets cut him up? I mean what was your purpose….you were so poised, so concentrated, so…..into the moment….next time I wont be so subtle, as to let it happened

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “I… lost control. I wanted to get answers from him, but…” She shakes her head slightly, tears springing to her eyes. “It became more about hurting him than getting the closure I needed. He killed my parents.”

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): That particular creature killed your parents

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): “Yes. He lead a band of Orcs that raided the villages from time to time. I recognised his scar, my father gave it to him.” She smiles softly, a deep sadness in her.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): It makes no difference, No creature deserves that, vengence is not the way. THis is over now, leans in and gently kisses on her forhead “Your time will come, we ended this together, as promised, wil finish it all”

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She leans slightly into his kiss, taking comfort from his words. “Blood… If I ever look like that again, please, stop me, help me keep my mind?” She whispers.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Unless it bennifits me….of course

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She looks at him with a wary expression, looking much like she did when they first met. “Blood, I loose myself, become nothing, just a physical force, I don’t care who or what gets in my way so please, even if it benefits you for me to be in that state, please stop me!” She begs him.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Time will tell

(1973) Tamora: (whispering): She shakes her head before walking away from him, her shoulders slumped.

(1951) Bloodbourn: (whispering): Keeps his eye on Tamora as he starts walking towards Locien

Tam Blood convo One

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