Session Twelve "A Long, Cruel Road"

A NOTE TO MY PLAYERS: Beginning with this log entry I will be integrating private conversations between your characters as links into the log. This is for our readers sakes. It will help readers outside the group get a clearer picture of what is happening and how your characters interact. If you where not initially part of a conversation in game please do not read its link here out of respect for the players who wished to keep it secret to begin with. If you do not have the self control and must read the link anyway the knowledge you gain is not character knowledge and can not be used as such engage. Attempting to do so will not end well. Thank You.

This session picks up with the group standing face to face with Athesial and his pack. It becomes clear immediately however that the Wolfen leader Athesial is a captive. He is shackled at the hands and held by a great chain collar and leash. After struggling to communicate with the Wolfen for a time the group is finally able to deduce that Athesial is being taken to “A safe place” after his banishment from the tribes. It seems that Athesial had brought bad water to the tribes which made the sickness (Taint) there much stronger. Out of guilt Athesial consumed the water himself. It is not clear if Athesial was infected with the Taint but it is obvious the bad water…. Whatever it may be… Has left the Wolfen completely insane. The remaining tribe decided that, in this state he is far to dangerous to allow near the tribe.

During the conversation the groups initial reaction was to try and get the Wolfen to release Athesial to their custody. They where denied. Finally, the troll Ooyuki takes it upon himself to honorably kill the sick Athesial. Of course what he sees is honorable clashes with that of the Wolfen and they spring to defend their incapacitated leader. Ooyuki drops two of the Wolfen before anyone really has a chance to react. The remaining Wolfen drop the chain securing Athesial and spring into action. Of course the moment he feels his chain lax Athesial bolts into the wilderness with a speed far greater than anyone could have foreseen.
The remaining Wolfen; finding their charge has escaped and facing an overwhelming and unexpected foe.. Also flee.

There is some tension in the group immediately following the incident as the others in the group try to understand Ooyukis seemingly rash actions. Regardless the group soon returns to the road where they left the wagon. There Davanis and Dian’Dalee wait at the wagon with the slumbering form of Raed in the back. Quickly the group begins moving once more with Tamora in the lead.

Before the Wolfen arrival Tamora had captured and tortured an orc that was part of an ambush set for them in the last session. After torturing the orc into unconsciousness she is attacked by guilt for her actions. She refuses to leave the orcs side and stands guard over him during the one sided fight with the Wolfen. Afterward she returns her attention to her victim and seeks reassurances from Bloodbourne. His reassurance comes when he caves the orcs head in with the Osmus to “Put it out of its misery.” Shocked and dismayed she lashes out at Blood verbally. Blood bourne draws her away from the group and they speak secretly on the matter. Tam Blood convo One. Immediately following this conversation Tamora finds Mortull and request a private conversation with him, odd since she has always seemingly been at odds with the exmecenery. Tamora Mortull conversation
Later, back on the road, Tamora travels far ahead of the group, staying too herself.

Dark Angel, who was initially at the wagons during the Wolfen encounter, is now nowhere to be seen. She has slipped into the nearby woods and has been following the group unseen. Nearby her great cat Seasoned keeps pace. Somewhere behind the great black wolf follows as well.

On the trip the new Dragonman Locien makes a valiant effort to speak with everyone in the party including Davanis and the ever blushing Dian’Dalee. The young elf woman seems to have finally attracted Mortulls attention and doesn’t seem prepared for the verbal teasing he and Locien offer her. She becomes so embarrassed she actually drops the reigns too the wagon and jumps from the buckboard. She decides to lead the animals from in front and on foot where her blushing cannot be seen. It takes reassuring words from Mortull to get her back on the wagon.

During the trip Mortull and Dian’Dalee speak for a time but nobody else in the party hears the exchange. It ends with Dian’Dalee looking a little confused and rejected while Mortull falls asleep next to her on his seat.

The party travels the rest of the day and opts to continue through the night. Blood walks with Tamora at the lead for awhile, their conversation unheard but he soon falls back to return to the group. Tam Blood convo Two Tamora decides to leave the road and the group soon after dusk. Her emotions have fought her and hearing Bloodbourne defend her in a conversation with Mortull pushes her out of control. She runs nearly blindly through the woods until she falls and splits her lip. She is unaware the wagon continues on with the rest of the party or that Bloodbourne had followed her quietly into the woods.Tam Blood convo three

As sunset arrives the next morning it finds the main group drawing the wagon and the exhausted animals to the side of the road finally too rest. Dawn Haven lay on the South West horizon like a large glittering jewel. It is still a days ride off though and everyone is far too tired. As they set up camp They become aware of two travelers following their backtrail on the road. The pair move at a run, on foot. Soon it becomes clear the two are Bloodbourne and Tamora. They approach at a run. Bloodbourne carries an unconscious Dark Angel and Tamora staggers from exhaustion. Tamora only just makes it too camp before collapsing. Apparently the two ran for hours, and Tamora on a sprained ankle. Moments later Sondraes and the black wolf also enter camp… Both so tired they can barely stand and refuse water.

Dark Angels hand has been brutalized, her fings missing down to the top knuckles. The wound seems to have been crudely tended with first aid but already heavy infection and blood poisoning have set in. The elf’s face is extremely pale as Blood sets her in the wagon. Below is an excerpt from the actual game log.

Log excerpt

The session ends here. What happened to Angel? What was said between Mort and Dian’Dalee? Will we know more next session? We shall see.

EXPERIENCE REWARD PER PARTICIPATING PLAYER: 150 per. Bloodbourne and Tamora + 100

Session Twelve "A Long, Cruel Road"

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