Consortium Lumber Camp

The Consortium established this camp years ago to get at the ever elusive Blackwood trees within the Darkmoon Woods. The consortium has been harvesting these trees for years now and have become greedy for the profits they have been making. They seem unaware of any connection between these trees and the illness.

Conditions here are poor and many of the workers are either indentured or in debt to the company store.

The last time the party was here Kraftulkin hired several of these workers to travel further north into the Darkmoon woods. He intended to start his own company and gain profit from the harvest of the trees. This of course did not settle well with Dark Angel whose love of nature contradicted Kraftulkins love of gold. Several tense arguments ensued between the two after the stop.

Even after the Plague spread across the Barronies the Consortium continues its harvest of the Blackwood trees.

Running the camp is a fat lumber formanwho’s greed is only rivaled by his mass.

Consortium Lumber Camp

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