Welcome to Everdark a Palladium Fantasy Campaign run on the OpenRPG Traipse Client by GM Renevion. (Jeramaya Nyburg). We generally run on Saturdays at 5pm (PST). We currently have a full roster of players as diverse as their characters. We use Skype to support each game session and will be using this site to keep track of in game events and character progressions.

Campaign began with Pathfinders “Hollow’s Last Hope” and has gone free form since.

A dark plague has erupted in the Baronies and in its wake rises a growing legion of the undead. Can the party find a cure to stop this darkness before it washes the Northern Wilderness… and maybe the world clean of life under a flood of snapping teeth and rotting flesh?
Everdark is now a dead campaign. I have been playing with the idea of resurrecting it again but I think instead I will be writing an entirely new campaign. This time in a system I actually enjoy :)


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