Session Two "The Battle of Black Snow"

Traveling toward the consortium Lumber camp north of Falcons Hollow the group and Raed are reunited as they find him stumbling down the road exhausted, wounded and without memory of the last two weeks. Continuing the journey, loot in tow the group is forced to make camp just shy of the Consortium as a massive storm front charges across the open sky toward them.

As Kraft and the others prepare an underground shelter to weather the storm Tojo and Erich encounter a lone Wolfen named Athesial, who has come to the region recently to begin his druidic training as a member of the Darkstep Tribe. Sadly, upon arriving at the tribes village he found its members ill with a strange sickness. He tried to assist his people as best he could but no matter what he did more died each day. Whats worse, after they died they rose again and attacked others.

Athesial, questing to find a cure for the disease was traveling toward Falcons Hollow where he heard the humans where making a cure. Stumbling across the party in such a place was a surprise but his curiosity caught him and he was soon discovered by his enemy the Danzi. His attempt to calm the enemy was hardly successful and the situation was only salvaged by the Danzis human companion, a man named Erich.

Erich informed him that his group had the cure Athesial sought. Wary of the Danzi he allowed his urge to gain the cure blur his common sense. When invited back to the humans camp he agreed and found himself in the center of the Danzis cunning trap. Through some miracle Athesial escaped the villains clutches and he returned to his village feeling a sense of deep regret at having failed his people.

After the storm the party threatened to divide as the issue of money over mission again causes a rift between its members. Deciding to carry on with spreading the cure Angel, Tojo and Raed exited the entrance of Kraftulkins latest excavation achievement.

At this point Athesial, accompanied by his tribesmen, having decided to try one more time for the cure again makes contact with the party. Upon returning to his village he found it had been besieged and its survivors imprisoned by a host of undead and a mage. It appeared the survivors where to be sacrificed in some ritual. Not having the numbers to fight such a force alone Athesial gathered who he could and set out to beseech the traveling group for help even if it meant forcing himself to overlook the Danzis attempted trap. Arriving at the groups camp he braced himself for what he knew was coming. Standing at the entrance with two of his friends was the Danzi…it was a fight he wanted then a fight he would get but the pack would not leave without at least the cure.

As expected the packs arrival drove the Danzi to draw blades, however what was not expected was the Danzis own party siding with the pack. Whats more the Danzi backed down from the fight but obviously not from fear of his comrades. After much talk the strange group of travelers agreed to send a party to help them in their plight… among them, the Danzi.

Meanwhile, Kraftulkin and Erich remained behind to dig an underground passage the remaining distance to the consortium camp. Above ground the “Killer” storm deposited 8 feet of snow, turning spring into winter overnight and making travel above ground impossible for the horses and their treasure laden wagons. Judging a tunnel was fastest the pair remained behind to ensure such a route would be finished upon the return of the others.

Further away the party arrives at the Wolfen village to find that the undead, both human and Wolfen, had taken the survivors captive and where preparing to use them in some dark ritual. Leading them, a robed and hooded figure chanting and brandishing a ritualistic sword. After some quick planning the group lays siege to the village. While the Wolfen pack draws the undeads attention Angel, Tojo and Raed attempted to sneak around for a flank attack. All went to plan until Raed knocked the mage unconscious with a massive blow to the stomach. Seeing the mage down the wolfen members of the party charged into an intense battle with the undead forces. During the fighting Tojo discovers a male elf named Dariet among the future sacrifices.

After resolving the conflict and failing to interrogate the mage the party goes on to assist the Wolfen survivors in preparing for a migration deeper into Wolfen territory. Athesial, now the leader, decided such a move the safest option for the group. Disposing of the undead took time and cleaning the foul ichor from the ground proved impossible. The black ichor is known among the Wolfen as being a transmitter of the disease; carried by the undead victims of the plague… an endless cycle.
Meanwhile Angel set herself to assisting the pack mother brew enough cure to send with the pack on their journey.

During this time Dariet introduces himself and tells his own tale of plague and woe. Being an experience mage Dariet became distraught when his only remaining family; a 13 year old sister named Ariete fell ill with Blacksour. Having exhausted all of his abilities and become desperate he turned to another for help, a stranger named Kaliota. Kaliota was a mysterious man and offered no information about himself, only that he could cure Ariete for a small favor in turn. Dariet was to assist Kaliota in enacting a spell. So desperate was Dariet that he took the task only to find himself about to commit an atrocity. Refusing to participate in Kaliotas plan to sacrifice the Wolfen, Kaliota opted to make Dariet part of the ritual as a sacrifice. All would have been lost had the party not rushed in to save the day. Whats more….. they carried a cure.

Convincing the party to return to Asdelor and help him with the ill in his city he agreed in return to help his new friends along the way.

During the last day Sondraes had begun to act oddly. Snarling at things that where not there, pulling at the fur on his body until it cames out, even falling into fits and seizures. It should be obvious that something was wrong with the cat but nothing Angel did could identify it. Apparently the cure had negatives effects on animals after all..
After the fight to save the Wolfen Angel had to stop the great cat as it tore great mouthfuls of its fur out causing great wounds to itself. All the while seemingly unaware of its actions. Dariet patched him up when Angel, to shaken from the sight could not. Not two hours later Sondraes collapsed in a massive seizure. Again, Dariet rushed to the cats side and, with Angel and Raed assisting managed to bring the animal out of the seizure. Sadly the spell left the mage unconscious in turn.

Deciding to pull the group back into one place Raed leaves to fetch Kraftulkin and Erich. Meanwhile Angel remains behind and attempts to tend to the unconscious mage who wakes only long enough to inquire as of the great cats condition before collapsing again into unconsciousness. While Raed is away Angel witnesses the black ichor, left by the undead, coalesce into a solid mass and disappear below into the snow. This leaves her nervous when Raed returns and brings her to near hysterics when, shortly later Kraftulkin pops out of the ground nearby having tunneled to their location.

Before sleeping that night Raed manages to roll the still sleeping Sondraes into camp. Angel, burrowing beneath the great cat to protect him from the phantom lurking ooze she fully expects to burst upward from the ground at any time eventually falls asleep. As the session ends all slumber save Tojo who keeps a careful eye over his group as the night passes silently around them.

At sessions end mortal enemies depart ways with a tenuous trust. Friendship is tested both physically and emotionally. An old friend is saved but at what cost to the stranger who saved him. And above all the plague grows threatening to swallow everything in darkness should the party fail to find a cause and spread a cure.

Session Two "The Battle of Black Snow"

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