Session Seven "The Wolves of Mirendale"

I will be utilizing the actual log to craft this log. It will read considerably longer than the others but I hope it brings the reader a little closer to the members of our daring hero group. It is my hope that when you are done reading… you feel a deeper connection with the characters my players have so lovingly crafted.

As the party travels south from Hemsdale they encounter the Splendid Puss… apparently abandoned. As they approach the apparently abandoned Inn they hear the sounds of Wolves howling in the near distance.

(7259) Mortull: Mortull picks up his pace a little “Well, now we’re all ‘ere, we should hurry an’ catch them elves up. Can’t let ’em get et.”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Let’s make sure none of us get ate for the that matter!”
(7259) Mortull: chuckles “’twould be best.”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora looks at the mercenary. “I think he might be right, let’s go.” Tamora follows, looking around all the time.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): explains situation from hemsdale
(7258) Tamora: “I dislike this, keep your eyes open, I don’t want anything to sneak up on us.”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: looks to his compatriots “what has brought this bad feeling apon you ? is not half of this part of the country like this gestures to the splendid puss building
(7259) Mortull: Mortull looks shifty, too “‘S not so odd ta feel anxious. Them’s not yer normal wolf-calls. An’ when’s th’ last time ya heard any animals at all?”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Something’s wrong at the Inn… too quiet”
(7258) Tamora: “It’s not got anything to do with us, we should move on.”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Agreed, whatever is in there is either dead, or going to try to kill us”
(7259) Mortull: “I’m inclined ta agree too, we got us some important business ta attend to an’ I’m not surprised tha place’s dead. everywhere else is, too.”

At this point a foul odor strangles the parties senses as they draw nearer the building.

(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Yup, indeed, smells of death and rot, let’s move on. There will be time for looting later”
(7259) Mortull: “Hot damn, that’s rank. Sommat messy happened in there.”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: eyes the building…..“if dead lay within….we must burn it for there spirits”
(7258) Tamora: “Guys, are we going?” Tamora walks a little futher down the road.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Right behind ya”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Lets Envistimakate this here place!”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): Walks up to the door and looks in
(7259) Mortull: “Good thinkin’. Blood? Can ya start it a-burnin’ so’s we can move on?”
(7259) Mortull: “Edwin, best move…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Lets see whats inside first……”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Walks inside the porch to the door
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Indeed, we only can smell what’s inside.. we should still look”
(7258) Tamora: “You are wasting time.” Tamora says, looking back.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “yes, but what if there is something in here that can help with our quest!”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Agreed, if it’s dead there’s no point in trying to kill it again”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: looks at the dragonman….“if you burn it im sure he will leave the building in haste”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Indeed gag best give a proper gag burial”
(7259) Mortull: “I always wanted to be cremated, meself…”Mortull aproaches, hoping this will be quick.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): searches the remains

Inside the Inn is a scener of carnage and slaughter. Rended remains of several people lay strewn about. Great washes of blood splatter every surface. The great claw marks found around seem to indicate some kind

of animal attack.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: scralls a symbol into the ground and motions for him to continue
(7258) Tamora: “Don’t bother with burying them, just burn the place…. Blood, what are you doing? They could be infected. Be careful.” Tamora walks back, enters the Inn, taking stock of the situation and again

leaving the inn.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Well, nothing of value in here *packs weapons and gp on himself If we are ready, lets roast this baby"
(7259) Mortull: Mortull examines the damaged walls…
(7259) Mortull: “Looks like th’ work o’ Wolfen ta me… but this aint they’re style. They’d ne’er eat their victims… Coyles, maybe…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): goes outside to investigate around the building
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Aye yes, true, but never knew even Coyles to eat their dead enemies Mortull”
(7259) Mortull: “… possibly Tainted Wolfen?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “THAT…..That I can understand….”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): yells “Are you all done yet? We can loot this later. Comeon we are burning daylight”
(7258) Tamora: “We can surmise all this on the walk.” Tamora starts to creates a fire around the outside of the building (without lighting it.) “Can we hurry it along?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Ok I agree with Erich….Lets go….”

More howling, closer this time as if something approaching.

(7259) Mortull: “Them howls is gettin’ too close fer comfort. Let’s light this puppy up an’ leave.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Let me turn this into rubble and ash”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull leaves the building.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Hey now, let’s not burn the building down! We can come back later and deal with it”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Whoa.. now, don’t burn it!”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): exists hastily at words of burning it down
(7259) Mortull: “Why the hells not? What’s ta save?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Why is that Erich…nothing but death here, unusuable to anything…..”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): pulls his hood off, takes a deep breath
(7258) Tamora: “It is going to be burned, whether you guys do it or I do.”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Well it’s an in for first, if we fix this situation it’s loot in and of itself”

Bloodbourne begins to ignite the bundles set by Tamora

(7258) Tamora: “Looks like ‘s too late, Blood’s taken the prudent course already…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Its not looting, its prepration for future encounters” “Now, please step back”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora moves away from the building.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Whatever… you people have no business sense”
(7259) Mortull: “Yeah, you keep totalling our profits…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Takes a deep breath and commences the cremation
(7259) Mortull: Mortull steps even further from the Inn.
(7259) Mortull: “Let’s move, we got us a lotta ground ta cover.”

Bloodbourne finishes the task at hand then turns from the blazing Inn

(7256) Bloodborne (dan): starts walking down the path not looking back “Lets go guys”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Allright then I say we get on our way again then, we have learned all we can from here – and I say we move quickly”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Definately… we need to get going”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull continues down the road.
(7258) Tamora: Tamora walks futher away from the group, looking around and acting as scout. She keeps the group in view.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Ooyuki, You said something about a blue creature?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Taps the troll on the shou…hip
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Ooyuki……Please, Can you tell me more of this blue creature that you have seen, I had a friend….”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “some form of human id assume…..your peoples seem to have diffrences not present in my land in skintone’s and the like”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Have you heard of the Danzi?”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: gets out his notebook….“no i have not”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Could it have been one of them”?
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Did the creature say anything?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Was he tall, red hair blue body….lanky fella?”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “i had only seen him a handfull of times in the dark but yes that would be close to acurate….after the first week i stoped seeing him”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “If it is who I think it is, he might have been a fellow companion I have been looking for”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Was he ok, and where was the last time you seen him?”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: "it greeves me that you may have come to late for one you wish to see only to save one whom you did not know….i had not the opertunity to speak with him…nore any other fellow captives as

far as i could tell they were kept together but i was seperated and they all gave wide birth to me"
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Captive….what do you mean? I do not know Tojo to be cought so easily”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “nore am i…..they have foul magics and methods and sprung apon me without even a fight”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Yet you know not where they took them?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “I know another, a Wolven…Smaller bloke”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Any of them, years have gone by since I last saw him….He set off on his own after we parted…”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora circles around behind the group, keeping an eye behind for followers.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “no i do not know of his location allthough i assume him dead..the last time that i beheld him…..he looked as if affected by the taint”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “The blue creature?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Weeps a little as a Dragonman can for his lost companions and clammers on deep in thought

After travelling for a few more hours the Village of Mirendale can be seen far in the distance… even from here its great wooden pallisades speak of security and civilization.

(7259) Mortull: Mortull surveys the vista as they approach town. “This place looks ta be better prepared than most. Nice ta see mankind takin’ some sensible action, fer a change.”

Meanwhile the troll and dragonman continue the conversation they have been engaged in for the last few hours.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “when the others begain to show signs of the taint they were taken away from the main group, persumably for study but i saw nothing mroe then the room i was shackeld in”

Tamora, playing rearguard notices a large group of fast moving figures rapidly gaining on the group. They are still about a quarter of a mile behind the group but they hold a steady pace even across the snow

packed ground.

(7258) Tamora: Tamora joins the group, and puts her hand on Blood and Ooyuki arms, “We’re being followed, pass the information down.” She then drops back again.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: checks nonchalontly behind him for the followers
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Walks to one of the others in front of me, whispers we are being followed"
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Any idea of how many or what?”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “multipul followers….they move swift and effortlessly through the snow…how is this to be looked apon in your lands?”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Wolven…”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): *Trots up to the pow wow at the front of the group
“Uh – would it be too much not to be made into a doggy snack today? How far are we from safety?”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull perks up at the sound “We look upon it as trouble, but then, mos’ things are, right now…” he readies his axe “C’mon, folks, let’s hustle!” and drops into a trot.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): Pulls bow and assembles it and knocks an arrow while following the ‘trot’ of Mortull
(7258) Tamora: Tamora tries to gather some more information on their followers as the group travels, dropping a little further behind.
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): curses short legs and tries to keep up
(7258) Tamora: She draws her sword as she does so.

As Tamora watches the Figures, now obviously Wolfen, seem to slow as they spot the party ahead. They continue moving but match the groups pace… always keeping the same distance.

(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Ok they haven’t attacked yet and there has been plenty of opportunity, so either were being herded or they aren’t going to attack”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “If we keep running we’ll just wear outselves out”
(7258) Tamora: She rejoins the group after a few minutes, coming up behind Ooyuki. “They are wolfen with black fur, They are staying about a quarter of mile back, keeping our pace. They’re big guys too.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): makes sure his hood is firmly in place
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “We need to find a choke point then and attack them”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Drops back
(7259) Mortull: “They’re keepin’ constant pace? A’right, no point runnin’ ourselves ragged.” Mortull slows back to a comfortable speed “How big, exactly? Most Wolfen are about man-sized.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): stays in a non agressive form
(7258) Tamora: “About his size.” She nods towards Ooyuki, “I’ve never seen them so big, but I’ve only met a couple.”
(7259) Mortull: “Tha’s not normal… this’s got me seriously worried now.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Tamora, lets see whats happening here yes?”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Agreed, this does not look good at all if they are that fucking big”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora nods and drops back with Blood. “I hope you have a plan.” She says.
(7258) Tamora: “Hey! What’s yer doin’?” Mortull turns around and heads towards the back-runners.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Yep…..somewhere….” Smiles sheepishly at Tamora
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Stops moving
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “so in your land you have brigands as well and think these wolven are of that mind?….”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora stops beside him, “Why am I trusting you?” She whispers under her breath.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Ah hell… this is not a choke point you morons!”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): "Step it up before we get killed!
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Dont know, but either way this will be fun yes?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Standing still with holding onto my small 1/4 staff as a wlaking stick
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): stop
(7259) Mortull: Mortull answers Ooyuki in passing “Nah, Wolfen aint usually like that, ‘sides if they were we’d already be dead. These guys’ve got somethin’ special in mind.”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: looks around…“i see no tatical advantage in this geography…let us just stop and see what they do once it is know we are aware of them”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): Loudly so Mortull can hear now that there is distance “Yes but I don’t think they want to talk!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Wolven “What is your purpose?” in a raised voice “We know yoiu are not a hunting party”

The Wolfen slow and stop, still in the distance. A moment later the group splits into three parts. One remains stationary on the road while the other two move to seperate sides of the road and slip into the woods…

still advancing rapidly.

(7258) Tamora: “Human, just carry on, we’ll handle this.”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull answers Erich “We’ve bin ouflanked fer a while now,we got very few alternatives than ter try somethin’!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Repeats request Trying again
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Tamora, can you see anything…what is happening?”
(7258) Tamora: “Blood, they don’t look right. Prepare yourself for combat.” She stands ready to attack.

Edwin stops long enough to cast a spell… the results anerve him.

(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): YELLS “I THINK THEY ARE TAINTED!!” starts hauling ass in the direction he was moving
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “How dont they look right, speak quickly”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull starts “Aw, crap… Edwin! Cast Sense Life!”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: draws bow
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Oh….well….thats not a good thing…….What do you say Tamora…should we go?”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: takes a loooong time to aim

Tamora squints as she struggles to make out details in the distance. As she does the two wood bound groups have advanced and are now running through the woods as if preparing to flank or encircle the group.

(7258) Tamora: “They have mange, and they move wrong.” She looks around and nods, “All of you, get moving NOW!” She stands, facing the flanking group beside Ooyuki.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “I don’t think this will end well if we wait any longer – Ooyuki – don’t try it – it doesn’t hurt them!” Turns and follows Edwin
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: ^ is aiming at the head
(7259) Mortull: “Damn, we gotta do somethin’… Ooyuki, take yer shot, then let’s leave, post haste!” Mortull turns and moves to follow Edwin, hoping Ooyuki takes his advice.

Ooyuki releases his arrow with a thunderous Fwhang!! The arrow flys true and inbeds deep within the lead Wolfen in the distance. The Wolfen is knocked to the ground but soon stands, snaps the huge arrow off

at skin level, then snarls. The Wolfen and the remaining packmates break into a fury powered sprint down the road towards the group. The pace they hold is frightening.

(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): After Ooyuki’s shot will note the trajectory and say “Yeah that shit doesn’t work either!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Looks like Ooyuki wants to fight…..wanna join him…..this could be fun….Tamora, if you cannot defend yourself, or run really fast, run very fast!”
(7258) Tamora: “I can defend myself well enough, Blood. You think me weak because of my gender?” She snarls.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “If it fits…” Shrugs
(7258) Tamora: “And you talked about respect…” She sighs as she looks on.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Turns towards Tamora “Well spoken” Bows and smiles micheviously
(7259) Mortull: With the beginning of the charge, Mortull turns right back to face the enemy and stands right alongside the other combatants. “This really aint gonna go well. Nice knowin y’all…”
(7258) Tamora: “Focus, you can have your fun after this is over.” She readies her longsword.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “strange…..normaly that would fell something of the size”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: notchs another arrow and shots it with regular timeing at a diffrent wolfen aiming for the solarplexus

\The arrow strikes true but seems to have no effect on the sprinting Wolfen.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: allso begins to sing a song in his native language very loudly after putting on a silver facemask on his helmet
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Ok everyone…..lets….lets…..oops…”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull begins muttering under his breath ‘the soldier’s prayer’.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Yells something incoherant in draconian"
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “We need to re-group together”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Stay tight guys we are going to get some liquids here”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora draws her dagger from her quiver and keeps her longsword ready.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: *aims at one of the unhit wolfen’s leg/s

(7259) Mortull: Mortull is now stood like a baseball batter, ready to take a massive swing with his weapon.

Bloodbourne begins to breath his flame upon the ground in a growing circle around the huddled party. as he moves he essentially melts a wide moat of shallow water. He pauses only long enough to speak before


(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Stay within the water”
(7259) Mortull: “Wha’ the? Never mind, keep it up!”

Soon the Wolfen are upon the group with a hatred. Erich, acting swiftly uses his telekenetic attack to launch some of the water at his feet outward onto the Wolfen. True to form the tainted react in sheer terror.

They stumble and slide as they struggle to keep thier momentum from carrying them into the water between them and thier prey.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: draws “special” arrow and fires

Just before the arrow strikes one of the Tainted Wolfen it explodes outwards. Three of the Wolfen are suddenly knocked to the ground and entangled within a magical net.

(7259) Mortull: “Well now, there’s a neat trick an’ no mistakes…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Interesting……”
(7258) Tamora: “Blood, can you burn them?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Burning does nothing….Water does everything……”
(7259) Mortull: “Then why ‘ave yer bin burnin’ everythin’ that might have sommat to do with ’em so far?”

Bloodbourne takes initiative at this point and begins to hastily melt the snow around the entangled Wolfen. The remaining three back away hastily to avoid the water. Before they can recompose the attack….

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: bellowing his tune even louder as steel leaves the sheath ooyuki charges at one of the 3 remaining wolven infected attempting to sever its head with a blow from his katanna

The blow strikes with such force that the Wolfen sprays ichor violently as it slumps too the ground. The black mess coats the nearby Bloodbourne who immediately reacts.

(7256) Bloodborne (dan): rolling in water and snow

In the distance the party hears what seems to be distant thunder. Glancing to the north reveals a colum of armored cavalry riding hard up the road in their direction. Only moments later the riders arrive and

assit in dispatching the remaining two Tainted. There is no sign of the other pack groups… presumably a full colum of armored men is too much for even the Tainted to challenge.

(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): Edwin Turns around and returns
(7258) Tamora: Tamora turns to Blood, “Are you infected?” She looks him over.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): "No, I’m ok……
(7259) Mortull: “Yeah, we’re a weird bunch aint we? Thanks fer the assist…”
(7258) Tamora: “You show any signs of changing, I will kill you.” She turns back to the group.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “No….m’lady, no you wont”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: begins to clean his armor and weapons off
(7258) Tamora: “You sound sure of that.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Hail to the king baby” “As for killing me…yea….thats not prefreble…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Thank you for your concern…”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Wha….what….Why’s everyone always picking on the short fat red guy!”
(7258) Tamora: “True, you have been very…. useful. I would prefer not to.” She smiles softly.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): *turns towards Tamora….grins warmly"
(7258) Tamora: “Don’t get me wrong, Blood. I trust you less than I trust the enemy.” She looks grim.

As the two talk the riders form a loose circle around the group. After the leader questions the groups motives and destination he calls for horses and orders the grop to mount up.

(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “someone mind giving me a hand up?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Perks up and laughs
(7258) Tamora: “You find that funny?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Can I get some help onto this horsething?”
(7259) Mortull: “Don’t look like we got much choice now, does it?” Mortull grins ironically as he mounts up.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: lifts you up onto the horse
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): makes like he didnt hear the last remark"
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Thank you big…”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): *Climbs up the stirrups to the saddle

(7258) Tamora: Tamora climbs up onto the horse.

The cavalry colum then escorts the party the remaining distance to Mirendale with relative haste. As the group arrives they see that the village of Mirendale has grown significantly. Survivors of the plague have

flocked to the safety offered by the walls and the cavalry unit stationed here. As the group arrives the citizens offer them a gheroes welcome…. along with a few odd looks.

(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): looks for a command station
(7258) Tamora: “Alright, lets find your friends.” Tamora looks around Mirendale.
(7259) Mortull: Mortull dismounts.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Yes, you look around and see if the elves are here, i am going to see if I can find a commander and see if i can find out what’s going on here”
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): general questions of who/what/where is going on
(7259) Mortull: “Good idea, I’ll see if there’s anywhere ta find a place ta eat an’ drink or sommat…” Mortull begins to wander off south.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: *decides to tend to his weapons and aromor makeing them impeckably clean, afterward will get out several very large sheets of parchment and begin to draw some maps, in what ever

location nearby looks most suitable for such work*
(7258) Tamora: Tamora looks about, eyeing the town’s folk suspiciously. She walks up to one and asks them if there have been anyone else enter the town lately? And where they are?
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “I’m going to see if I can get something to eat….Tamora mind if I go with you????”
(7258) Tamora: “I don’t mind, come if you want.”

Soon Tamora learns that Angel came into town the day before the rest of the group. It seems she was ill and had to be carried into the city by guards who took her immediately to the Infirmiry.

(7258) Tamora: “Sounds like your friend is here.” She heads off towards the location she was directed to.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Friend?”
(7258) Tamora: “The one with more information about the plague, the reason I am still travelling with you.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “The elf that ran off?”
(7258) Tamora: “I think so, she’s up here.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Hmmph” “Ya some friend she was, runnin off, causin troubles…..”
(7258) Tamora: She leads him to the infirmary.
(7259) Mortull: Mortull, meanwhile, is busily exploring the south of the town seeing if there is an inn still open."
(7258) Tamora: “Depends on the reasons why she left, I considered leaving you all with the Wolfen.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Eh…well…her story…not mine smirk so…that is where we are going I take it?”

As they enter the Infirmary they see Angel resting in a bed. They have never before seen her out of armor… she looks so frail.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: Keira looks over to the ones she knows. “Did you guys fnd Jasper?”
(7259) Mortull: Mortull returns to whoever of the group has been hanging around the training area (Erich, Ooyuki and maybe Blood, I think) and tells them where the inn is at.
(7258) Tamora: “Who’s Jasper?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Jasper?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Yeah you know we talked about him and Laurel back in the tower.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “I’m sory, I do not remember Jasper…..I remmeber the tower blowing up and My Best friend dissapear along with the strange elf person…..”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: "He needs to be stopped now. I don’t know where he is I am hoping to find him here. I thought he might still be in Hemsdale but when where I last saw him was cleared out I moved out

(7250) DARK ANGEL: I think he has Dariet, Sondraes, as well as your familiar Oscar."
(7258) Tamora: Tamora takes a seat and listens to the conversation, promptly she gets bored and interrupts. “What do you know about the plague?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Ears perk up “Oscar? What do you know of this Jasper, and I will go with you to hunt him down!”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I thought I had the cure but the alchemist Laurel fooled us and is working with Jasper it seems according to the troll.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Turns to Tamora “Plague sucks, kills people they come back and eat you…” Turns back to Dark “Ready to head out when you are”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: She looks back to Blood. "I just know that I can normally communicate with both my cat and Dariet mentally and something has been blocking the signal. I can only assume that Jasper may

have taken them during that blast."
(7258) Tamora: “So, I need to find this Jasper, do you have any idea where he went? And Blood, that’s not helpful.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Ignores Tamora “Yes Dark, where else could they have gone, in your time here have you gotten any leads”
(7259) Mortull: Having delivered his news Mortull wanders into the makeshift infirmary.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I will say only this. Me and Jasper go way back and he would have personal interest in me because I am the one who killed him in his life, and I don’t know what it is he bceame now.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: *She gets up giving the people I dare you to challenge me look as she starts to put her armor on.
(7258) Tamora: “For crying out…. So you have no ideas?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: SHe looks to Tamora. “I’m sorry no. I am just trying to follow the plague in hoping I can catch up with him.”
(7259) Mortull: At this point Mortull has caught up with them “Hey, folks, wha’s th’ good word?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “What is your name lady? I don’t think I have met you yet.”
(7258) Tamora: “There isn’t one, merc.” She turns her back to Mortull. “My name is Tamora. You?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I am Dark Angel. You say you are interested in the plague?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I am trying to study it myself, but I can’t figure out how to handle it without getting infected. I have a sample of it in my waterskin.”

As the two talk Mortull sees a local guard enter the infirmary. When the guard spots the party he simply nods and stands there as if waiting.

(7259) Mortull: “Oh well. Nice ter see yer better, miss.” And with that, Mortull turns and approaches the soldier “Any particualr reason yer interested in us there, fella?”
(7258) Tamora: “I have an interest, I would like to kill those responsible.” Tamora’s lip curls in anger.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “He has something to do with this plague I don’t know what but he does plus I believe he has kidnapped 3 party members that are important to me and Blood.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “The last part has not been comnfirmed to me but I can’t say for sure he hasn’t and I have to find him to knwo for sure.”

After speaking with the guard a moment it is clear the man has come to take the party to the Summons they reseaved several days ago.

(7259) Mortull: Mortull turns back around “Hey, Dark, that summons thingy ya were so fired up about? Best gather everyone. Looks like whate’er tha’s about’s comin’ to a head.”
(7258) Tamora: “I’m willing to aid you in your search, I just want his head.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: After getting my armor on I gather my gear and head to the door. “So are you all coming this time.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Yes….for now, yes…” *A hint of sorrow comes over as I bow my head..then just slumps to the ground against the wall. Sitting up just listenig distantly to the conversation being had

(7258) Tamora: Tamora joins Dark.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I will go alone, I will not stop to smell the flowers or rest any more than I have to I must find him and fast.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Supposed to say I will go alone if I have to
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “If you are ill Blood these folks will take good care of you, I have not the time my friend.”
(7259) Mortull: “Hey, I got nothin’ better ter do than help out. It’s that or die o’ this plague sooner or later. Rather be doin’ sommat about it.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “So where is this head you speak of Mortull?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Take me there.”
(7258) Tamora: “I will travel with you, if you will allow.” Tamora says to Dark Angel.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Be careful if you come with me. Jasper has a thing for the ladies.” and she shivers as she says this.
(7258) Tamora: “Blood, remember what I said about changing, I mean it.” Tamora glances back at him.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “I am going with you, if you have information on Oscar, Not men, dwarf or hell its self will keep me from finding him!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Gets up with a new found energy

(7259) Mortull: “So we’re all in on this then? Perfect. Now we’d best find everyone else. We’re gonna need all the hands we c’n get.”

Mortull excuses himself and begins moving about town trying to locate the rest of the party and bring them togeather for the meeting

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I am not sure on that it is only an intinct that says Jasper will try to take everything from me he can, unfortuneately if I am right Oscar got caught in the middle. I am sorry.”
(7258) Tamora: “Blaming yourself is pointless, don’t dwell on the past.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “It is the past that is catching up to me, I can’t help but dwell.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): "Dark, I will be back in a minute…I am getting new clothes, scraping the stuff off this robe…
(7258) Tamora: Nodding, Tamora falls quiet, thinking about her own past. Her right hand strays to her other, rubbing it unconciously.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “This is not time to shop Blood what the hell?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Not shoping….borrowing!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Grins

As the dragonman procures new clothing Mortull locates the others. Ooyuki is found in the Blacksmith forge assisting the man as they hold a deep discussion on forge teqnique. Erich and Edwin alsoo turn up

around town. As an added bonus the party also discovers Raed who has been going around town the last few days searching for his sister. He was asleep when she was brought into town so had no idea she was in

the infirmiry. Further more it seems the general populace avoids Raed like the plague itself.

Soon enough everyone is reunited within a small office beneath the command buildng. The room is cramped with so many packed in such a small space. There is no sign of the person who summoned them.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: Keeps her arms wrapped around herself in efforts to block people from rubbing against her.
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): casts see invisiable

Both Edwin and Bloodborne (Who can see invisibilty innately) See a large golem like creature standing in one corner of the room. It watches and listens to the group a moment before crossing to the desk. Still

invisible it pulls out the stone chair and, as it sits, nods to Edwin who can clearly see him. The figure then becomes visible.

(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): nod

  • (7348) Raed stands as close as possible to Dark Angel. When he does look at her, it is not one of negativity, but of the normal emotion he shows to everyone. **
    (7259) Mortull: “Well now, this’s interestin’. I wonder what ya are?”
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: Dark Angel attempts to keep herself between Raed and Tamora

The creature introduces itself as Rictus. He appologises for his caution and offers them all a seat. As he waves his hand, a suitably sized chair appears behind each character.

(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): mutters softly nifty.. gonna have to learn that one…
(7259) Mortull: Mortull shrugs and sits, barely surprised anymore.
(7348) Raed: “I’ve had enough rest. I am fine standing, but I thank you for the offer.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Then she looks and sits in the chair behind her.
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): sits
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: bows fully at the waist and then sits
(7258) Tamora: Tamora moves to lean against the back wall, hand resting easily on her sword hilt.

After everyone is comftorable Rictus then asks politely if he may offer the group any refreshments.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: SAKI
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): sits on the edge of the seat, very uncomfortabley
(7258) Tamora: She remains silent.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Can we just get on with this we are running out of time are we not.”

“Of course” Rictus says as, again with a pass of his hand, each person is provided with the refreshment they requested. "Forgive me, I am not accustomed to socializing and I am afraid my skillsa s a host are

wanting… but yes…. let us procede"
Rictus continues to explain that he has summoned the group here to investigate the rise of the Tainted Wolfen. He has heard of their adventures and heroic deeds He beleaves he knows where the Wolfen are coming

from but he cannot attend the matter directly. He needs the heroes to tend the mattr directly if they can. He has been researching the plague and he beleaves he has learned something of value but…. until he

finishes his research he can not be sure. He requests that the party tend to the Tainted Wolfen in the area and report to him afterward so that he can finish his research. In return for their services he offers each

member of the party any one thing they wish in return. All the party need do is make a list and leave it with his assistant. Upon their return he will grant them their rewardsa s well as all of the information he

has gained in his studies.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I am no hero sir, I am just trying to do what it right.”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “I don’t know that I would use the term ‘Hero’ but I was involved in the recovery of part of the ahem cure that Luarel requested”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “At the moment I am seeking someone you may help me find. I am not interested in glory just results.”
(7348) Raed: stirs on his feet*
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “That was I”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Just a good flick of the wrist was all”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): "hides further into the corner as he hears the “Dragonman”

  • (7348) Raed coughs at the mention of the umbral wolves. **
    (7258) Tamora: Tamora watches the reactions of all of her companions as the conversation develops.
    (7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “How much does it pay?”
    (7348) Raed: “They are much worse than any of you can think.” Raed mutters somewhat out loud.
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: “I have a sample of the ichor in my waterskin. It must be handled with care, it will taint you immeidately upon contact.”

Upon hearing this Rictus immediately demands the sample as he stops conversing about everything else.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “so far i am only sworn to assist those here with the slaying of laurel….”
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Well, either that or the head of a woman named Luarel will do me fine”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Yes”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: She hands him her waterskin.

Rictus takes the waterskin and, through unknown magics, destroys it completely. "I cannot have “Him” knowing of my presence here or of our plans to hinder his plot." The golem says, explaining his actions.

(7258) Tamora: Tamora watches Raed after catching his comment. She makes a mental note to speak with him later.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Where might you suggest we find the source, I went back to the place where I last knew of him and it was clean no signs were left behind.”

Rictus relays the location he beleaves lay just south of Mirendale itself within the woods.

(7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Watching intently with my companions interactions with this new person"
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Sir, I am very intereted in what research you have so far.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Do you have any mages in town that can locate someone?”

Rictus promises to share what he knows just as soon as the party confirms his suspicions. And saddly the only other mage he knows of in town currently is Edwin (He nods to the gnome in recognition)

(7259) Mortull: Mortull downs the rest of his drink in one and heads towards the stairs.
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): nod
(7348) Raed: “This…thing…that I know you are refering to… the leader of this thing….do you know much about it? I will immediately help in thus objective for you, but I would like to know more.”

Rictus admits that if the villain he suspects is indeed involved then yes, he knows a fair amount and Raed himself has seen the creature in its natural form. In the meanwhile, time is short and Rictus urges the

party to move out. "Please speak with my messnger as you go and inform him of your desired payment for this task. These will be responded to in kind upon your return.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “But it has to do with the task.”
(7259) Mortull: “Thanks fer th’ drink.” he says, before making his way upstiars, ready and willing to get his signature on whatever contract this is going to be. Very interesting indeed…
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “The one I need you to find this one I think it will help lead us to the source or one of the sources.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Please help me.”

  • (7348) Raed sorta bites his lip as he speak and looks intently at the ‘Person’. “Well, now that is over with, what happened while I was in this…vision? It was a long time gap…” **

Rictus informs Raed that his experience was only that of a dream. A dream of a possible future should the growing evil not be stopped.

(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “So what you want us to just see what is causing this? How will you know if what we report is true or acurate?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Dark Angel says nothing more she walks out annoyance showing in her movements.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “For that matter, how will we know? I could well say it’s a rock outside causing the wolven to evolve this way”

Rictus claims that he already has suspisions of the Umbrawolves origin, if the party returns and their reports confirm his suspisions he will know.

(7258) Tamora: “Plesent.” Tamora says just loud enough to be heard, and waits, unmoving at the door, for the others.
(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “So give us a hint here. What exactly are we dealing with? What is your idea?”
(7348) Raed: “One last thing. Is there any information you wish to give us, such as your suspisions, to aid us in your chore?”

Rictus explains that he beleaves an agent of this dark lord is gathering the Tainted Wolfen in the area and doing something to them….. something that is making them far more powerful than any Tainted seen


(7256) Bloodborne (dan): follows the group tagging along
(7258) Tamora: Follows Blood out.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Outside Angel appears to be deep in thought not noticing the surroundings.

  • (7348) Raed exits if he gets no information, or after he does get any, then stands near Angel as she is in a ‘trance’. *
    (7242) Blake/ooyuki: *stands up, bows fully at the waist and says
    , " i will assist my comrades in there endevore to slay luarel, if this leads to the unveiling of the taints source then i will request that things be

awarded to me however i shall not purposefully endevor to go about your task outside the bounds of my oath"
(7258) Tamora: “Well, that was about as useful as a chocolate cook pot.” Tamora says, shaking her head.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Raed would know this is the look she gets when speaking with Sondraes.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): following Dark Angel and Tamora
(7258) Tamora: Tamora walks up to Raed, “What did you mean about the comment you made in there?” She looks intently at him.
(7348) Raed: “I spoke of many which are you refering to?”
(7258) Tamora: “Things being worse than any of us can think, what did you mean?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: She shakes her. “Ok guys I’m out of here anyone with me?”
(7258) Tamora: “I will join you in a minute.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: *She throws her gear on her back and heads south.
(7259) Mortull: Mortull’s already upstairs, making his mark next to his request… he’s already waiting for the rest of you to make your decisions.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: *gets out of the cramped house and streachs in the streets

(7348) Raed: "Ah..the UmbraWolves, or tainted Wolven, are very interesting creatures. They have the endless endurance of the undead, the predator instincts of a Wolfen, and also have the intelligience of someone

more than likely smarter than most of us. And they DEFINATELY are not slow. They can keep up with me on top of the fact that they can climb trees or do anyhting to get to you to kill you. Fun things to get away

from…apparently they don’t like crossing water."

  • (7348) Raed follows Dark Angel as he speaks…. **
    (7258) Tamora: Tamora walks beside him, “Things are dire indeed then.” She looks over at the rest of the group. “Smaller numbers might give us a chance at stealth, but I don’t want to get caught without aid.” She

then shouts over to the others. “You guys coming?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Did they come from the ones we gave the cure too?”
(7348) Raed: “No idea…but I do know that humanoid ones can be affected.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: She says to Raed walking at a pretty quick pace.
(7259) Mortull: When the rest of the group appear Mortull’s going to beg his leave and head off for the barracks.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: " perhaps it is best to no longer carry about or use a concoction provided by the very sorceress that begain the plauge, get your countrymen together and slay the foul witch and all her

tainted puppets"
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Dark Angel…..What were you saying about knowing where our companions are?”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I don’t know where, I think they are being held by Jasper, so we move South to find them. It is all I can do but keep searching.”
(7258) Tamora: Tamora seems lost in thought, she rubs her hand constantly looking thoughtful, or possibly lost. She sighs and falls behind the group by a few paces, not noticing anything.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: She leans over and whispers to Raed. “I can hear the bastards laugh in my head. He mocks us.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I can say this Blood they are in a forrested area which only further confirms my suspions.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I have seen them in my mind.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Angel continues to move outward one purpose in mind, the group can follow or not she cares not but to see this through and quickly.
(7258) Tamora: Tamora falls in behind Angel, not thinking about what she’s doing.
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: follows along

  • (7348) Raed walks at her side. *
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Noticing Tamora fall behind, I slow down to keep her company

    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Tamora, when you said the bartender tried to poison you, what did you mean by that?”
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Back in Hemsdale that is”
    (7258) Tamora: Tamora glances at Blood, not really seeing him. Her eyes are wet, but she is not yet crying. She answers as if on autopilot. "I had a drink, the bar keep gave it to me for nothing along with some

food. After a short while I felt strange, ill. I left the bar and purged my stomach and found somewhere to sleep it off. That’s where you guys found me."
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Tamora do you know where you are right now?”
(7258) Tamora: “Mirendale, why?” She perks up a little, looking at him suspiciously.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Mirendale….do you know where you are going?”
(7258) Tamora: “South, to the woods and probably our deaths.” She answers, emotionlessly.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): "I have an eye on you, Your actions are worrying do not seem yourself, as if you are somewhere else…..
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “She may just have deep thoughts Blood.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): "Snap out of it!
(7258) Tamora: She smiles, “If you have doubts about me, why not remove the worry? After all, trusting me is a stupid thing to do.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I understand Tamora. You are fine don’t worry about what he speaks.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I have trusted for worse reasons.”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “And that helps…..Dark Seems to trust you, but there is a strange air about you…I am watching. Its not trust, its couriosity”
(7258) Tamora: “I suppose you would understand.” She looks at Angel, thinking about what she said about her party members before. “But not completely.”
(7258) Tamora: “I will tell you now, I trust none of you. I probably never will.”

The party travels south, soon making their way through an ever darkening wood. Eventually they discover a small clearing. Within this clearing three tripods stand in a triangle around a hole in the ground. The

wooden tripods hold guttering torches that threaten to blow out in a non-existant wind. The area here is far colder than the surrounding woods.

(7259) Mortull: “Well, this c’n only be th’ place. Let’s check it out…” Mortull takes a few cautious steps towards the hole.
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Hmmm” Adverting my attention to the hole in the ground “That looks familiar”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I wouldn’t trust me either, it was I that was partial the cause of the death of my own. I will never forgive myself for that.”
(7348) Raed: “Well then…anyone that can’t see in the dark?”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Heads towards the hole trying to be the first down them…."

Ooyuki draws one of his massive fans and moves toward one of the torches. He then tests the flame with great sweeps of the fan… nothing he does completely kills the torches flame.

(7258) Tamora: Tamora turns from Angel, not wanting to continue the conversation and heads towards the hole, looking in.
(7259) Mortull: “Yeah, I can’t. We’ll need some light down there.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: I follow Blood
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): Starts heading down the hole
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “WAIT!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “WHAT
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Those torches are magical alarms!”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Stoping to turn to see where the wait came from"
(7250) DARK ANGEL: "I am not using a torch
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “If you pass them they will sound and they will know we are here”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): "Who is they and what will sound????
(7259) Mortull: “So what choice we got?”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “can they be moved or deactivated?”

  • (7348) Raed passes Mortull a Torch after lighting it. “Enjoy while we figure this out..” *
    (7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Let me see if I can deactivate them”
    (7259) Mortull: Mortull nods to Raed in thanks and takes half a step back away from the entance.
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Stands waiting for the clear to go….

    (7258) Tamora: Tamora stands to one side, examining the hole without venturing too close.

Edwin weaves the threads of his magic and soon the tripods begin to slowly and steadily elevate into the air until they come to rest well above the ground.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: Once it is gone I follow Blood down.
(7263) Edwin Muirden (Joe): casts levitate on the three torches and raises them evenly “We have 10 minutes to get under and down”
(7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Heads down the hole”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: I follow

  • (7348) Raed follows/is next to Angel *
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: as stated earlier
    (7258) Tamora: Tamora is the last down the hole.
    (7348) Raed: Current order: Blood, Angel, Raed, Mortull, Ooyuki, Erich, Tamora, Edwin
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: I agree with what Raed has
    (7259) Mortull: All good by me.
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): *Heads toward the sound

    (7242) Blake/ooyuki: advances into the darkness closer to the front of the colum with weapons drawn….“let us find this luarel”
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Opens the door”
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): Listens to the door I’m next to now
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): “Angel do you recognize this? Its almost the same as Tamora started acting!”
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: “They are fine we should move on.”
  • (7348) Raed whispers. “Don’t bother them…” *
    (7242) Blake/ooyuki: *moves down the hall and opens a doorway
    (7256) Bloodborne (dan): “For some reason I believe you have an alterier motive to continue on Angel….”
    (7258) Tamora: Follows Ooyuki.
    (7242) Blake/ooyuki: *continues and opens the second door

    (7250) DARK ANGEL: “My motive is the same as yours stronger even.”
    (7258) Tamora: “I’m goin’ down there…”

The party travels below ground once more. This time they find themselves acompanied by scores of Tainted. Only these undead seem not to take notice of the party and leave them to their investigation. The sad creatures mill about or stand chained to walls. Angel feels a moment of sympathy for the creatures as the party moves deeper into the underground complex. During the exploration the party finds numerous Tainted Wolfen caged in one room, another rest upon a table, its black body hooked to tubes of some clear material. Soon the group encounters the Necromancer Athan’ Matar. The Wolfen Necromancer has been
gathering the Tainted Wolfen and experimenting on them. His dark lord wishes to use these specimens to create a new supersoldier in the undead ranks. The Umbrawolves the party faced earlier where the prototypes. Within the villains underground lab is phase two… an actual Umbrawolf….. crude compared to those Raed saw in the “future” but still far more powerful than the standard undead.
During the struggle with the Necro and his minions Edwin attempts to use turn undead only to discover the Tainted are not in fact undead. A deep, rumbling laughter fills the air as an unseen speaker proclaims “Nice try little one, but my children are not damned… they are blessed…. they are me”. It is assumed this booming voice which Ooyuki has heard before, belongs to the so called dark lord.

Soon enough the battle begins to turn against the Necromancer…. heroes hava a nasty habit of doing that… winning. Takng advantage of Angels infection the Necromancer opens a link to her symbiote and Dage floods into her mind. Soon she sees the tables turned. The necromancer is now Dariet and the Tainted… her companions. The rest of the party however are the dead and the troll Ooyuki has become the necromancer. Angel witnesses the necromancer (Ooyuki) slay her beloved Dariet (The Necromancer) and she loses her composure.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “You killed Dariet you fucking undead asshole.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “You will not live to breath another breath.”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: “Dage, my father, give me strength to kill this thing that has harmed that which I love.”

Dark Angel, aided by the reassurance of her dark lord…. whom she just called by name, begins to lay into the troll like a mad woman. The Troll responds by attempting to disable the furious elf without killing her.

(7242) Blake/ooyuki: hopefully enough to knock her out or stun
(7348) Raed: “What the hell was that for?!” Raed steps in front of Oouiki and Dark Angel. “You do not touch her.”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “shes bewitched!….she struck at me”
(7348) Raed: “Perhaps she missed…”
(7348) Raed: “Or confused.”

Angel sees a Tainted minion (Raed) step between her and the Necromancer(Ooyuki)

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “You she points at Raed I will kill you after I finish with him. I will kill you all. Dage will give me strength.”
(7348) Raed: “Calm down! The fights over..” Raed turns to Dark Angel and stands to face her.
(7348) Raed: “Everyone…just leave and I’ll calm her down. Just..move these things out of here…”

Erich rushes forward and swings a mighty blow at Angel in hopes of knocking her unconscious… of course Raed moves with a flash to take the blow for his sister. The magical armor cast upon Raed earlier is noticable as Erichs blow connects harmlessly.

(7263) Erich Vassler (Joe): “ouch – aw c’mon, REALLY? The one time I have a reason to get away with that…”
(7497) Tamora: Tamora moves behind Angel after hearing her call out, taking a breath to assess the situation. She strikes her in the back of the head with her fist aiming to knock her out.

Again Raed intercepts the blow as he steps past Angel toward Tamora. Angel sees all this but too her it seems that the undead are all rushing her.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I got the undead all on me, Raed lead the party out I got this.”

Raed has begun to grow agitated that his party still seems determined to “harm” his sister

(7348) Raed: “I can put you in a world of pain right now…get the hell out or so help me.”
(7497) Tamora: “Can someone please knock her out.”
(7348) Raed: “QUIT ATTACKING HER. How hard is that to understand?”
(7496) Mortull: “Raed, yer Sis’s lost it, she thinks we’re the bloody tainted!”
(7348) Raed: “Then I’ll deal with it.”
(7496) Mortull: “Dude, she’ll gut you.”

Ooyuki sheaths his weapons and, stepping forward scoops Dark Angel up with his left hand grasping around her ankles and the forearm of the right across her chest and arms* Angel sees the situation far differantly. She sees the necromancer (Ooyuki) cast some spell which causes her to rise in the air unable to move. The "necromancer moves forward toward her, a cruel snear twisting his muzzle.

(7348) Raed: “I highly doupt that. Now get the fuck out before I put you all out.” Raed’s happy-go-lucky attitude seems really pissed off at this point. He seems dead serious.
(7496) Mortull: “Have ya not heard ‘er? Use yer bloody head, man! She thinks we’re the enemy here, ya loon.”
(7348) Raed: “I have a solution. Last chance to get out.”
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: “hold yer mind steady miss elf….have a care and listen to your brother, we are not the tainted”

Raed turns toward the trolls voice and sees him holding his sister.

(7348) Raed: “Let her down right now, or so help me!”

Edwin hastily casts a spell aimed to incipacitate Raed. the plan was to levitate him to the ceiling and disarm the situation. However the result was less than desired. As Raed feels himself growing “lighter” He immediately spins on the gnome with a deadly look in his steady eyes.

(7497) Tamora: Tamora looks about the room, her lip curls in discust and decides that she can’t be bothered with this madness any longer. She leaves the room, slashing at any tainted that gets in her way as she

passes. “Deal with the problem.” She calls back as she leaves. She mumbles to herself, “now I remember why I don’t…” Her voice trails away.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Hey Tamora”
(7496) Mortull: Mortull follows Tamora, satisfied that the situation is, if not resolved, at least in hand.
(7497) Tamora: “What is it, Blood?” Tamora joins him.
(7536) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Really? I can’t just knock her out?”
(7536) Edwin Muirden (Joe): Nods and exit’s room “Good luck then”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): Lets see whats going on in these other rooms"
(7536) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Ah hell… FINEstomps out
(7497) Tamora: She nods, and follows him, checking the rooms.
(7497) Tamora: “You left early.” She says, as they look.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Looks like….nothing left….lets head back laughs
(7497) Tamora: “Are you alright?” She asks her hand straying to her dagger.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “who me?”
(7497) Tamora: “You see anyone else here? Of course you.”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Yes, I’m ok, Ready to head back to town, you commin?”
(7497) Tamora: “You seem tired.” Tamora nods down the corridor and then walks ahead.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “yea?” How so?"
(7497) Tamora: “You were talking… slowly eariler.” She glanced around the room. “There is nothing here, let’s leave.”

As Raed and Angel are left alone the party explores until they happen upon the Necromancers chamber. Within Edwin finds what appears to be the Wolvens journal.
(7536) Edwin Muirden (Joe): Once most everyone is together “Hey all of you – check this out” Reads passages about the ‘cure’
(7536) Edwin Muirden (Joe): back to town
(7536) Erich Vassler (Joe): back to town
(7242) Blake/ooyuki: back to town
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Hmmm…I’lll have to work on that Tamora…Maybe I should just rest”
(7497) Tamora: “Maybe.” She relaxes slightly, moving her hand away from her dagger.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): Reaches out to lay had on her shoulder, we’re good….Havin fun yet??"
(7497) Tamora: “I have never had fun, I’m incapable.” She smiles wearily
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): *cocks his head
“Hmmm….we’ll work on tht then!”

Soon enough the party finds Mirendale in view once more. Back at the dungeon Raed has suffered his sisters onslaught long enough. He has allowed her to carve into his flesh repeatedly, unwilling to harm his sister. Finally, realising she is not coming too he retaliates…. with restraint. The attack seems to snap Angel from her delerium. Their conversation is breif. Soon they realise they are alone and rush to catch up with the others.
Back in Mirendale the rest of the party sees the village walls are ablaze. Rushing too the front gate and into the village they see people laying about dead, a great commotion can be heard coming from near the temple command building.

(7497) Tamora: Tamora follows the noise towards the temple.

As the group follows Tamora they soon see A robed man standing in the center of the courtyard. He is ringed by Tainted and creatures of pure darkness. Erich recognises Jasper and his shadow Wraiths. He also realises now, having seen the ichor… that these wraiths appear to be just that…. creatures of pure ichor.

(7496) Mortull: Mortull starts and readies his axe “I take it this’s the guy we’re lookin’ fer?”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Seems to be”
(7496) Mortull: “Good.” Tamora moves towards him, her sword readied to strike.

Ooyuki takes aim and lets an arrow find its mark deep in Jaspers back. The “Man” spins about in suprise and sees the group

(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Hold on Tamora…hold on…”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Grab him , dont kill him!”
(7497) Tamora: “No, he took my life. I’m going to repay the favour.” She snarles, moving ever closer to him.
(7496) Mortull: “No arguments here…” Mortull runs down the hill, headed straight for the Wraiths.

As Tamora and Mortull rush forward the wraiths draw away from Rictus and move to intercept the party. Meanwhile, Jasper descides the arrival of the heroes is his que to leave and begins to run in the opposite direction.

(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “He is knows where Oscar is!”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Do not kill him!”

Mortull has reached the nearest wraith and with a great swing of his axe is suprised when the blade passes harmlessly through the creature. A severe cold seems to draw the very heat from his body.

(7496) Mortull: “Awww, hells!”
(7497) Tamora: “Then aid me, I will not kill him until you get your answers. This is the only favour I’m giving you.” She still moves closer.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “It sounds good then….We will restrain him….”
(7497) Tamora: “Understood.” She seems to take it as a command.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Thank you…”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): Bows “This will not be forgotten”
(7497) Tamora: “Don’t make me regret this.”

Tamora rushes for Jasper, easily sidestepping the wraith that has moved to intercept her.

(7497) Tamora: “Blood, a little aid please?”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Getting there”

Meanwhile Mortull is sidestepping his own wraith, the creatures icy touch barely missing him.
(7496) Mortull: “How’re ya meant ta deal wit’ these things?!”

At this time Angel and Raed rush into the courtyard. Angel sees Jasper in the distance, Tamora at his heals.

(7250) DARK ANGEL: “I yell stop Uncle I am the one you want let’s do this!”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: *I run forward after him

Just as Tamora is about to tackle Jasper he seems to vanish through an invisable curtain which immediately “Snaps” closed behing him. Tamora barely manages to come to a stop before entering the portal herself. She has only a momnet to visualise herself bieng cut in half by that magical barrier closing on her body…. its good she managed to stop.
As the villain Jasper dissapears the wraiths explode into clouds of ash that fill the air and slowly coat the groundf around them.

(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “……..”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): " I…AM…..BLOODBOURNE!"

  • (7348) Raed takes in a deep breath as he arrves at Temora. **
    (7497) Tamora: “Damn it.” Tamora yells, swinging at the air where Jasper disappeared.
    (7496) Mortull: Mortull stops dead and looks like he’s seen a ghost “We, we are in soooo much trouble…”

At this point Mortull notices his friend Galen sitting on the steps of the temple. He holds a younger man in his lap and sways back in forth as he openly weeps. The protectorates sword lay forgotten beside him.

(7496) Mortull: Noticing what he did, Mortull hauls ass over to Galen.

Reaching his old friend he sees the man Galen holds appears to be a younger version of Galen himself….. obviously the warriors son… now dead in his fathers arms.

Dark Angel approaches the area where Jasper vanished. “Any idea if we can reopen this?” she says seemingly indicating the invisable portal.

(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Ok, Tell me whats going on ladies…..each of you seem to have a rich vendetta against blue dude”
(7348) Raed: “Highly doubt that…but I have a better Idea. Our rewards for completing out quest….if he is still around.” He looks around at the ‘destruction’ of the town.
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Angel is beating with her fists in frustration where the portal was, her hands pass through empty air again and again.
(7497) Tamora: “None.” She sighs and turns away. “But I am going to find him.” She walks away, looking like she will kill anyone who looks at her wrong.

The party goes back to the command building to make the report and claim their rewards. Rictus is nowhere to be found… instead, his messenger remains in a state of panic. “They… they took him!”: the man proclaims in panicing voice dulled only by shock.

  • (7348) Raed sighs. “Took ‘him’? Please tell me its not who I think it is…” **

The party manages to calm the messenger and claim the rewards left to them by the creature Rictus. Unfortunately any information he has for them involving the plague went with him. It seems a large portion of the earlier attackers overwhelmed the mage golem and hauled him away on a wagon. The messenger overheard them speaking of taking the golem Rictus to some place called……. Wyrthac Keep.
The rewards for the party are kept in a chest compiled before the attackers arrived.
Within is a note for Angel reading, “What you trully seek is at the front gate”. Also inside are promises to those whos desires could not be fullfilled immediately. Also inside is a simple bronze ring with a tag attatched that holds Tamoras name. This reward is unexpected as Tamora requested no reward.

(7497) Tamora: Looking at Blood as she passes. “I told you, he took my life.”
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “??”
(7250) DARK ANGEL: Ok she goes to the front gate.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Tamora….Talk to me!” Reaches for Tamora
(7497) Tamora: Tamora brushes Bloodbourne away, looking scared for a moment. She then takes the ring and removes the glove from her left hand reveiling a simple silver band on her ring finger. She puts on the

other ring and her glove.
(7483) Bloodborne (dan): stands silently watching her

At the front gate Raed and Angel witness a travellor approaching the city. Beside him the great cat Sondraes and the Great Reptile Oscar in his sweater. Dariets smile warms Angel too the core as she rushes into his arms. Bloodbourne meanwhile has come back outside. When he sees his reptillian friend he too is taken with releaf and joy.

(7483) Bloodborne (dan): “OSCAR”!!!!!!!
(7250) DARK ANGEL: *She runs and throws herself into his arms and kisses him senseless.

  • (7348) Raed looks off to the side in disdain at the sight of this and sighs to himself. *
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): *Runs up to Oscar gives him a big hug pets him….
    (7497) Tamora: “So there is no need for me not to kill him now. Don’t get im my way when I do.” She says to Blood before finding a place to think about her options.
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Tamora…..I will help you…I will”
    (7497) Tamora: She ignores Blood, trying not to believe him.
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): "Well Oscar….
    (7496) Mortull: Mortull again stands over Galen “I know you got responsibilities, fella, but I swear on all I got in this world an’ any that waits fer me I will carry yer cause ’gainst Jasper ’til the grave, his or mine.”
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: “I love you Dariet. I miss you so much. I was literally insane without you.”
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Great guys, now I’m feeling left out…..everyone wants to kill Jasper, and I got no reason to…….well….to repay an attempted debt” “Other than that, I dont care….no never mind to me”
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): “But…..I’m starting to enjoy y’alls company, and I’m game”
    (7348) Raed: Raed sorta walks unsteadily back into the town and goes on a stroll through the chaotic terrain.
    (7497) Tamora: Slowly, Tamora realises that her husband is gone, that she reduced his body to ash. She cries silently away from the group.
    (7250) DARK ANGEL: She bends to Sondraes and ruffles his fur. “Of course I missed u too.”
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): "jumps off Oscar and goes to comfort Tamora…..Oscar nudges her with his head

    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): Exclaims loudly….“So who wants a victory drink?”
    (7497) Tamora: Tamora half tries to shrug him off, but gives up without much effort. She rests her head on his shoulder.
    (7536) Erich Vassler (Joe): “Not sure about a victory drink, but I am up for a drink. You buying Dragon-man?”
    (7496) Mortull: Mortull turns around at Blood’s shout “Hells, I’m game, I feel like I could do wit’ a pick-me-up. What do they black figures do ta ya, anyways?”
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): "says something in Draconian to Oscar and he lays at their feet*
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): "Aye, here….Tosses 50 coin to the rest of the group
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Mortull….what?”
    (7497) Tamora: She seems almost limp, the fight having left her. She is mentally exhausted and seems not to care anymore. “Thank you, Blood.” She whispers into his shoulder.
    (7496) Mortull: “Them goopy black fellas, hittin’ em made me feel… woozy.”
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): Holds Tamora close
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): “Did you get the black liquid on you?”
    (7536) Edwin Muirden (Joe): “Well now a shot of the spirits would do some good I guess. Or some nice coffee and some light reading” Edwin walks hefts a tome roughly his own size
    (7496) Mortull: "Nah, they only touched me axe. Least, not that it actually got in under me shirt.
    (7497) Tamora: After a few minutes, she slumps in his arms, the strength leaving her.
    (7214) Renevion: Sondraes rubs against Dariet and Angel as he purs in deep contentedness.
    (7496) Mortull: Mortull scoops up his share of Blood’s coin “Let’s help put this ‘ere fire out, then go spend this on gettin’ rat-arsed!”
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): Gently lays her down on the ground, goes over to Oscar and puts his spoils with the rest of his equipment
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): Gently scoops Tamora up and sets her on Oscars back and takes her to the Inn
    (7497) Tamora: In her mentally weakened state she mutters… “….Calen…” before falling unconcious.
    (7483) Bloodborne (dan): After getting Tamoras room in order, and she is sleeping deeply, returns outside to help with the fires Oscar helps carry water to the burning buidlings*
    (7497) Tamora: Mortull helps out doing grunt work, carrying water and pulling over burning wall sections so they can extinguished. (Gavin)

Soon the walls of Mirendale are doused and the survivors move about to restore order to their little bastion of hope. In these dark days it seems that even a wall half burned to the ground, surrounding a village of hopeless souls…. is still better than travelling the roads alone. Rictus has been kidnapped and unless the party takes up persuit all hope may be lost in stopping the rise of this dark tide. Rictus’s messnger has agedd to accompany the group but must remain behind to perform a ceramony. Apparently Galens son was not the only beloved lost during the fight… the mayors illness overtook him and left his in eternal sleep. Galen must be sworn into office and the dead given rights. Will the party catch up to Jasper and the mysterious golem Rictus. What role do these figures play in the coming storm? Will the party succede or witness their world come to a shadow consumed end?

Session Seven "The Wolves of Mirendale"

Everdark Renevion