Session One "Hollows Last Hope"

Traveling through the Western Baronies Raed, Smithy and Kraftulkin leave Dark Angel behind in the town of Hemsdale. The young elf has undisclosed business to which she must attend. While in Hemsdale Dark Angel eventually joins forces with an odd pair of traveling companions. Erich Vassler, a human Long bowman local to Hemsdale and Tojo a traveling member of the Danzi race.
Soon the three new companions find themselves searching for a young woman who has disappeared from Hemsdale and the investigation leads the them into the local cemetery. Waiting for them is none other than Angels late Uncle Jasper whom is apparently not as dead as she believed. Further more, after confronting the wicked man Angel learns that it is possible her sister is also among the living.
Jasper and his minions vanish leaving Angel and her companions alone in the silent graveyard… alone minus the dying young woman laying on an alter beneath a nearby tomb. The group arrives to late to save her but soon enough to catch her last words. “Falcons Hollow… they are all going to die”.

Meanwhile, Raed, Smithy and Kraftulkin have arrived in Falcon’s Hollow to find it is gripped by a strange plague caused by an exotic fungus in the local well. The local Apothecary, a middle aged human woman named Laurel, has found treating the plague victims an endless task. Her home remedies offer no hope and she is left with one remaining resort. A cure found in her mothers book of remedies, a potion that requires reagents she does not have.
Hearing of her need and seeking to help the troubled masses the three adventurers set off to gather the resources Laurel needs.
Their first stop is a consortium lumber mill on the southern edge of the Darkwood Forest. In this place great teams of men seek an extremely rare tree called the Blackwood. Finding no aid in this camp the three continue onward until they reach the village of Bryans.

Further south Angel, Sondraes, Tojo and Erich race toward Falcon’s Hollow. When they arrive they learn of the plague and discover that the others have gone ahead in search of components for a cure. Grabbing limited supplies the Angel and her companions again set out to catch up with the others.
In Bryans Raed, Smithy and Kraftulkin discover a man who knows the Darkwood Forest. Injured and unable to act as a guide the man draws the group a map to three locations withing the forest where he believes they might find what they seek. Wasting little time the three adventures dive headlong into the cursed woods.
The early stages of the journey are rough as they fight to navigate their wagon through overgrown thickets and treacherous terrain. To make matters worse they encounter a Wyvern who wanted nothing more than to feast upon the horses. Beating the creature into a retreat the group continued forward until they encountered a witches hut… the first mark on their map.

The hut originally appeared abandoned but exploration proved it to be inhabited by a dangerous entity that resided within an enchanted cauldron. Through teamwork and a little trial and error the three heroes eventually dealt with the menace and recovered the first of the reagents they sought.

Afterward, as Kraftulkin and Raed prepared for the journeys continuation, Smithy advanced ahead to scout the path as he had in days prior. Sadly this left him alone and unsuspecting of the Wyvern whom, injured and seeking retribution, found the lone target easy prey. Smithy had only time enough to shout for help once before the creature fell upon him in fury. By the time Raed and Kraftulkin arrived on the scene their companion was already dead. Wasting no time to mourn the two fell upon the Wyvern and finished it off.

Nearby Dark Angel, Tojo and Erich hear the sounds of the fight and charge in to investigate.When they arrive the great beast is already slain, its corpse laying beside Smithy who, at this point is revealed to have been a Changeling.

Reunited the group continues onward toward the second site on their map, a wagon load of Wyvern meat in tow… along with the Changelings corpse.

Several days pass before the group arrives at the tallest tree they have ever seen standing magnificantly within a small clearing. The second reagent is theirs to claim but only after they have defeated the trees guardian a Tatzylworm warrior. During the fight Tojo proves his bravery by tackling the great winged opponent leaving it vulnerable to the groups merciless assault.

Several more days pass to find the party standing outside the ruins of an ancient dwarven monastery, a structure that oddly Dark Angel seems to know more about than the parties resident dwarf. Exploring the ruins soon locates the third and last reagent which is guarded by a great wolf who calls the monastery his own.

Opting to use diplomacy over force the group successfully recovers the last reagent while leaving behind a wagon load of now spoiled Wyvern meat, a treat for the great wolf and its pack.

The return trip toward civilization passes without incident though Raed has mysteriously vanished, undoubtedly on some errand of his own.

Desiring supplies and the opportunity to sell the Changelings corpse the group heads back to the consortium camp. There they again execute their mastery of diplomacy. Upon l;eaving the camp they have sold the corpse and Kraftulkin has hired on a team of men to begin harvesting the great Blackwood trees. An investment that promises to turn a tidy profit for the dwarf. Saddly Dark Angel finds herself of a contrary mindset when she discovers no effort is bieng made by the consortium to replant the trees they take. Surely she can not stand by while nature itself is raped…. she finds herself again fighting to defend the innocent.

Leaving the camp Angel and Kraftulkin find their differing viewpoints are cause enough for some space from one another and Angel follows the party back to Falcons Hollow from a distance. During the trip Kraftulkin and Erich ride together having bonded over common beliefs. Meanwhile Angel and Tojo have found a common ground of their own.

Arriving in Falcons Hollow half an hour ahead of Angel and Tojo, Kraft leads the wagon to the Apothecaries shop. The town is vacated and nothing moves. Falcons Hollow has become a ghost town. Moving inside the shop they find Laurel still within her shop, exausted and still struggling to make a cure. Escorting her to her room for rest Kraftulkin and Erich discuss what to do next. Without Laurel they cannot make the cure for only she knows which one it is and they dont have enough reagents to mess up.
Arriving in Falcons Hollow Angel and Tojo also note the lack of people in town and are soon reunited once more with the others.
After much discussion the group descides to let Laurel rest while they try to determine what has happened to everyone in town.

Kraftulkin and Erich set up camp north of town fearing the disease may still be caught within the town limits. Meanwhile Angel and Tojo explore the town itself seeking answers.
The following day Kraft and Erich have decided that looting the abandoned town is morally acceptable and they spend several hours making plans for such an endeavor. Meanwhile Tojo, having a similar though has already begun pillaging what he can carry.
Dark Angel, having no interest in monetary gain resumes her search for answers. Soon she discovers a great number of tracks leading out of town as if some great migration of people had passed along the road not long before. She begins to follow the tracks but she is halted when she hears a woman’s scream from behind her in town. Investigating she and Tojo discover Laurel is being attacked by an undead local. Sondraes and Tojo tend to the zombie while Angel draws Laurel away.

Soon thereafter Laurel reveals that those who died of the plague where taken to be buried north of town. Everyone else fled on a boat to escape the sickness. The town guard stored the corpses until the graves where dug but before the task was completed the dead rose and attacked the town slaughtering all in their path. The following morning the undead horde had vanished leaving nothing behind but the bloodied remains of those they killed.

Helping Laurel the party manages to create the cure and in the process Angel learns to duplicate it so that she can carry it to other towns where there may be need.

Session One "Hollows Last Hope"

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