Session Nine "Uncertain Certainty"

Our tale picks up n the city of Asdelor where our party rests and enjoys the illusion of security behind the massive city walls. Most of the group has taken shelter beneath the roof of an Elfin Mage named Dariet. The party rescued the man from becoming a sacrifice many months ago (See The Battle of Black Snow)and he has since begun to slowly evolve into a mysterious if not respectable figure. Those who watch the man see that he has both the love and undying loyalty of his servants and friends. This respect seems shared by many in power within the city as well. Upon hearing of Dark Angels imprisonment he sets out at once with Mortull and his servant Osirus to “influence” his loves situation.

Dark Angel herself seems to have given up. She realizes the Taint has grown more powerful within her. Twice now it has taken control. Twice now she has attacked the innocent. Last time she attacked her own friends and this time a defenseless old man fell victim at her hand. The dark whispers in her mind are always there now, in the background as if muttered from something dark and sinister inside, something snarling and straining to get out.
Unwilling to again allow the Taint to control her hand she has subjected herself to imprisonment within the Asdelor military quarter. There she sits in her cold cell oblivious too the city around and below her. The city guard has yet to complete its investigation into the scribes death. Perhaps they are buying her brothers lies? Do they believe the old blind man committed suicide? They must, in this city those guilty of any crime are put to death immediately as an example to keep order in the public. They obviously did not know of her Tainted nature or else she would have been burned on the spot when “captured”. Lost in thought Angel does not immediately recognize the sound of someone scaling the prison wall outside. When she does hear the sound of scraping stone and grunted breath she disregards it dispondantly.
It is only when a thin elfin arm throws itself through the bars of her window that she pays stock to the situation. Flailing for purchase on the outer sill the Elfin woman gasps, nearly out of breath for assistance.
Only through extended effort does the stranger convince Angel to tie off a rope to her prison bars. The taunt rope stretches across the room and out the window, apparently tied to the woman’s waist. Once secured the elfin woman introduces herself as Dian’Dalee. “I am here to bust you out” she says as she begins to chip away at the mortar on the windows apparently intend on prying the bars loose.
Dark Angel protests vehemently but the other woman does not listen, instead she offers Angel the file she has been working with and produces another from somewhere to continue her work. The woman’s short blond hair is tousled and her eyes glimmer with mischief as she bends to her task, seemingly oblivious too the 5 story drop beneath her too the cobbled city alley below. How she has not been spotted hanging precariously from outside is anyone’s guess. The fact remains however that she is determined to get Angel out of prison. Angel continues to object and pry at the woman’s intent. All she gets in reward is the sound of metal hitting the stone below as the first bar breaks free and drops to the street.
“Woopsy” Dian’Dalee says innocently as she looks down into the street below with a gleeful grin. "
Finally,after several minutes of ignoring Angels the woman manages to remove the last bar from the window.
“Lets go shall we. No more arguing our time runs dry. Rictus asked me to get you out so lets go.” she says as she loosens the rope and her waste and begins to climb back down the wall, obviously expecting Dark Angel to follow. What she gets instead is a harsh landing in the street below when Angel undoes the rope from above.

Arriving at the towering prison Dariet strides past the guards and into the military compound unhesitating. Osirus holds out a hand and indicates that he and Mortull will wait outside in the street. It is here that they hear the muffled scream in the nearby alley. Investigation finds Dian’Dalee gathering herself from the cobblestones from under a massive blanket of heavy rope. The cute Elfin woman curses under her breath as she coils her rope and directs her gaze upward Her temper seems bitter as she mutters “Bullheaded”. Once the rope is coiled around her shoulder once more she begins to scale the prison wall with a look of dangerous determination on her face.
Osirus and Mortull watch fascinated at the woman’s boldness for a moment before Mortull decides to be a good citizen and calls over the guards. The troopers find the situation humorous. “First time we have ever had a break in” one says chuckling. Soon several of the guards are towing the woman from the wall, the gaze she shoots Mortull is not one of appreciation or kindness.
No further exchange is made however as at this time Dariet returns outside with Dark Angel in tow. Inside several guards, looking like whipped dogs, watch the couple leave.

Across town Tamora and Bloodbourne awaken in the local tavern. Bloodbourne seems rested but the copious alcohol the night before has left Tamora feeling less than peak. Its only the bubbly barmaid and her miraculous drink that seems to clear the woman’s head. After two tankards of the watered down milk concoction the headache dies to a muted roar.
After some empty dialogue the barmaid seems to recognize Bloodbourne. “A man came in the other day asking for someone of your description” she says to Blood. “He said if’n I ever saw you I t’was to deliver this too ya” With that she returns to the bar and recovers a long pole wrapped in white doe skin. The item in question ends up being an ornate metal staff made from an unknown and light material, its entire surface polished and covered with runes and glyphs. One of the runes seems familiar to the dragonman but he has difficulty dredging the ancient knowledge from memory. No details on the strange man are known. It seems the man kept himself hidden beneath black hooded robes much as Bloodbourne does.
Throughout the course of the day Bloodbourne learns that the staff is more than originally apparent. Seemingly, the thing can speak. Not vrbally, but mentally. The staff claims it is called “The Osmus” and it has been in his family for generations. Apparently Drekalat Tvain, Bloodbournes past grandfather, a hero in his time, carried the Osmus. The ancient rune staff has been lost to the bloodline for years but has finally found its way back to its rightful owner.

As the day wains it soon finds the party seated around Dariets dining table where a great feast has been prepared. Of course the Mage and Angel are not yet in attendance., It seems Dariet is always occupied with city duties. He appeared briefly at dinners start to introduce his niece, a stunning female elf named Dian’Dalee… a woman both Osirus and Mortull recognize from earlier in the day. Even Tamora seems to recall the woman’s face in the bar the other night. After introductions Dariet explains that Angel will be in attendance soon. She is not comfortable residing within the city so he has secured her a cottage in the nearby forest. He assures she is safe there. Knowing the mans feelings for Angel makes it clear he has taken every precaution against the tainted.
As Mortull, Tamora, Ooyuki and Bloodbourne eat they swap stories with Osirus and Dian’Dalee. Raed is absent the meal, he has not been seen since Angel turned herself in, not even Dariets agents can locate the young man. It is assumed however that he is in seclusion somewhere venting over his sisters stubbornness. Further weakening the group is the continued absence of Eric and Edwin, both of whom have been missing from the party for some time, obviously tending to private, undisclosed matters.
During the meal it becomes apparent Bloodbourne is distracted. He has been deep in conversation with The Osmus which rests against the table nearby. Of course nobody but Ooyuki suspects the weapons nature. The troll knows only in that his own runic blades recognize the ancient weapon and seemingly communicate with it in turn. A handy fact in that the weapons can communicate at a reasonable distance.. making communication for the party easier at those distances.
Halfway through the meal Dariet and Angel return to join the others. There is apparently no love lost between Angel and Dian’Dalee, the looks Angel shoots the woman across the table are nt friendly.
Dian’Dalee only smiles politely in return until she recalls something. Taking an envelope from her waste-band she slides it across the table toward Angel. “I forgot to deliver this earlier, Rictus asked I deliver it”
At one point during the meal the conversation turns to Rictus. The group has rested long enough and it is time to mount a rescue. They have learned where Wrythak keep is and know that it is a dangerous place. They have also learned that they have a deadline, according to The Osmus they have four days before the Golem is destroyed.. and with him all hope for defeating the entity called Dage..
Of course hearing of her mentors abduction Dian’Dalee also wishes to assist in his rescue. She seems to know the Golem well enough but her information is a little dated. How could she not know he was abducted yet be sent by him to rescue Angel from prison and deliver her a letter? The questions are unasked.At this time someone notices a ring upon Angels finger that was never there before. This oddity draws attention to the stolen glances between Dariet and Dark Angel. Is it… could it be? Yes, the two admit they are engaged but no date has been set. Everyone congratulates the couple and the festivities start anew.
Suddenly a messenger draws Dariet and Angel away. When they return it is clear that the group intends to move after the Golem tonight.
Unfortunately Dariet cannot attend as matters of supreme urgency have risen and he must remain behind to see to city defenses. Who is this man that he wields guards like servants and servants like guards? How is it that a man they rescued in the wilds can have so much influence over an entire city?

These are questions for another time. Angel is hesitant to leave without her brother but Dian’Dalee… seemingly eager to prove her sincerity to the group offers to find the missing man nad catch him up to the group.
The party mounts up and begins making its way out of town, a motivated Bloodbourne leading the charge. It seems the dragonman is taking advice and guidance from this new weapon of his, a fact that does not keep the group close at his heals. At least until, near the outskirts of town Blood witnesses a murder in the darkened night streets. A woman pushed from a window. He orders the group continue on as he follows a shadowed figure he watched draw away from the crime scene.
Not having seen the woman the group agree to continue though Bloodbournes sudden loss of direction and motivation brings his sanity to unspoken question. It seems allot of things about the Dragonman as of late have been adding to the same conclusion. Is Bloodbourne losing his mind?

As the party makes its way out of town Bloodbourne corners the assassin and learns that he was hired to kill the woman to keep her silent. It seems the things she knows, and those that said information concern… might be related to the groups quest.

Will the group rescue Rictus in time? Whats going on in Asdelor that has the Dragonman and Dariet so worked up?

Session Nine "Uncertain Certainty"

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