Session Four "The Dead Hollow"

The sesison picks up with Kraftulkin and Erich holding watch. Outside the storm continues to blanket the world in a swirling haze of snow. The remainder of the night passed without event, unless you consider the fact that Dark Angel, witnessed by Kraft and Erich, stood and sleepwalked over to the slumbering Dariet. There she lay down beside him and snuggled against his chest. Dariet took her in his embrace and both continued to sleep unhindered. It was odd that neither awoke for any of this but, neither Kraftulkin or Erich knew Dark Angels back story so the situation was left as nothing more than an oddity.

As more of the party awoke they decided that finding a more secure location to camp was mandatory. Obviously this storm was not going to die away any time soon and this warehouse was not defensible.

After locating a better location in the towns tower the group set about searching for provisions and preparing defenses. To follow are the accounts of both Dark Angel and Bloodbourne. These accounts are true and unedited.

“So there we were camped out after our last battle with the icor goons, all of us huddled upstairs in the building. The storm had died down quite a bit and I overheard the others talking about getting to a more secure location before the undead creatures came back. I decided to leave the building while they were discussing other plans to look for a location that was higher up and not made of so much wood seeing as how the last one I pummelded ended up soaking into the walls of wood in this building. To my dismay the snow outside had packed almost as high has I was so I decided to burn a path through the snow and have a look around. Searing the snow ahead of me, Oscar and I found a building near by and decided to enter into it. Unfortunately no one and nothing was inside this building worth batting an eye at so we decided to continue on. Upon leaving I noticed on a hill there were some buildings poking out above the fence in what appeared to me as some kind of fortification. I figured that it must have been some sort of barracks or something atleast important to be walled in as it was. Making my way through the snow, carving a path big enough for Oscar and hopefully large enough for the carts we were carrying with us, I came upon the first building inside the walls atop the hill. Coming in and looking around I heard some moaning coming from the room to my right, so I decided to check it out. Using my best sneak I triped and knocked some stuff over onto the floor making quite a ruckus. Oh well, I continued into the room and to my dismay not only did the sound stop, but there was a figure hunched over that looked suspiciously like the ones I did battle with the night before. The creature rose and started heading my way, and I noticed it was not alone. Backing out of the building, I decided to light the place on fire and hopefully burn the little demons inside. About this time I heard the rest of the group coming up the path. They made way up to the tower opposite of this building I just lit up. All of a sudden I heard erich running towards the tower yelling something about undead. Also I noticed that these creatures were coming out of this dwelling on fire, and not seeming to slow because of it. The lead one paused at the doorway and looked at the snow around the base of the structure, felt it, then continued towards me. I decided to try to burn it again, since I was not properly armed to deal with him. All of a sudden I heard a terrible scream from it, and noticed that It really REALLY seemed to hate the water. From here I decided to melt the snow around it and noticed Kraft behind me. I shouted to him that they do not like the water, and that seems to be the only thing that phases them! As we retreated towards the tower, I ran into a solid wall that was built aparently like magic since it was not there the last time I looked at the entrance of the tower! I heard Oscar pawing at the other side, thank god he was in there, and was trying to protect the others. Just then I was hit on the horn by a rope and Elrich yelled to grab ahold and climb up. Securing my belongings as quickly as I could, I climbed up the rope, and while my fire was not killing these things it was still knocking them back, buying me some time. By now there was a puddle of water underneath me. I noticed that the lead undead, now almost skinless, had something shifting inside of its structure, almost like it was alive and controling it. Next thought I had was watching Elrich shoot an arrow through its skull and pin some of the black ickor to the water. It seemed to almost vaporize and then just dissapear. What luck, now we have Undead creatures, with something wiggling around inside them, immune to fire, but hates water. Water, seems the only weapon that right now we had an abundance of. Plenty of snow to melt around. By the time I had made it up to the top where a hole had been made throught he walls, I decided to rest a little. Oscar was safe, I was safe, I rested.”

Bloodbourne discovered that the undead have been using the structures in the ghost town as dens. The tainted appear to be immune to pain and any damage dealt to them goes unnoticed. Even when charred beyond function, something within them seems to hold them together. It left the impression that the undead where nothing but hosts or vessels for something else within. Something that fears water when all else leaves it unphased.

Also confused by the sessions events was Dark Angel… but her experiences where vastly different from everyone else. Waking in Dariets arms left her seriously confused. Her emotions warred within. She had dreamed the night before of a sacred union between herself and the Elf mage Dariet. She had experienced emotions that she had no defense against, even after years of guarding herself against them. Determined to understand the dream and their connection, Dariet and Dark Angel fall behind on the path to the tower as they speak. Beside them is Sondraes carrying the still unconscious Raed.
Apparently Sondaes formed a connection with Dariet after the mage’s spell saved his life. No one fully understands what the mage did but it saved Sondraes and left him connected to the animal. This connection so strongly mimics Dark Angels that they have discovered they can use the great cat as a link and communicate with one another telepathically.

To follow is the account of Dark Angel, again unmodified in content.

“I awoke this morning in a strange position. One I never thought I’d find myself in. I was sleeping in the arms of a man, Dariet is his name. after having a beautiful dream the night before about said man. It was frightening and didn’t know what I should do. He looked at me and smiled and a part of me melted and the other part of me wanted to run. I pulled back some but part of me didn’t want to leave him. We talked and walked and once he told me he loved me then I let him kiss me like he did in that dream. It was amazing like nothing I ever thought I could let my guard down for. Certainly I don’t deserve this, how can I possibly. It was my fault my sister is gone. I’m the one who kept my secret and it caused her, her life. Then I told him. I told him the secret that only few knew. It just felt right. I think I love this man Dariet what a frightening emotion this is I don’t know what to do with it. Finally we moved on his hand in mine we walked along side each other. Thats when we ran into a problem. The rest of our comrades were in a tower surrounded by undead so we could not get in. Dariet put me behind him protectively. But to my surprise it was Erich that was truly heroic. He doesn’t even like me and he was fighting to get us to safety. This has truly been an awakening day. At least we were able to get Raed to safety he is safer up in the tower since his lazy ass don’t want to get up. Anyway Dariet refused to leave me and I him because Sondraes could not fit. So we are going off somewhere else to be safe. I am thinking this isn’t too bad. Perhaps I will get to explore some more of those feelings that Dariet stirs within me…..and that’s where her story begins next session or perhaps before whose to say.”
Dark Angel

As the scene closes it finds Erich, Bloodbourne and Raed safely within the fortified stone tower. Dariet and Angel have disappeared into the storm to find shelter and safety. As the scene closes Kraftulkin is preparing to help the others into the tower when, with a loud POP, he simply vanishes into thin air.

Where has Kraftulkin gone? Will Angel and Dariet find safety from the storm and the Tainted? Can they survive the darkness that has awakened in Falcon’s Hollow…… find out next week when we rejoin the party in their quest to survive.

((Thank you Bloodbourne and Angel for your submissions. You will be rewarded your fate at the beginning of this Saturdays game session.))

Session Four "The Dead Hollow"

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