Dariet Devilac (De-Vie-Lack) is a magician from Asdelor. Originally he hails from elsewhere but this elves background is still a mystery. Rumor has it he has a sister in Asdelor named Kylee (Kia-Lee) who has taken ill with the taint.
When the party rescues Dariet in the Battle of White Snow he has just been betrayed by a man named Kaliota. Kaliota had promised a cure for his daughter in exchange for his assistance in some undefined ritual. Desperate, Dariet agreed. Not long after Dariet discovered the horrific nature of the evil mans ritual and refused to help. As a result he was bound and about to be sacrificed to a dark god when the players arrive.
After his rescue Dariet falls into a deep coma like slumber. Sondraes had been acting oddly and was finally reaching a point where drastic measures needed to be taken. Apparently the great cat was suffering unknown side effects from the cure he had been given earlier in the campaign. Now, apparently near death and locked in the agonizing embrace of convulsions he lay helpless upon the snow. Dark Angel, beside herself in worry, could only watch as all of her attempts to help her familiar failed.
In that moment Dariet saw such grief and loneliness in the woman’s face that he felt it touch his heart. He knew of only one thing that could work to save the great cat. The spell was an ancient one lost to all but the oldest of his mentors and it carried a great cost to the caster. In that moment however all he wanted was to see his new friend and savior at ease.
Stepping forward he lay his hands upon the animal and began to cast the spell.
After that all he remembers is a brief moment staring at the sky. The world moved around him but there, looking down on him like a guardian Angel was a womans face. He could not see it clearly but he returned to unconsciousness feeling such love and security as he had only known once before….. for his sister on the day he first held her in his arms.

Dariet vanished during “Escaping Falcons Hollow”. During this time his ability to communicate with Dark Angel was somehow hindered. He could not relay to the party that he and the animals (Sondraes and Oscar) had ended up in Asdelor. He had setup a magical ring long ago as an emergency escape. If he ever needed too flee the ring teleports him to his home in the city.

While he was there he learned that his sister had died from the Taint and he took time to see her final rights and blessings tended too before heading out to again rejoin the party. He has been able to view Dark Angel through the Crystal Dream but he has never been able to communicate with her directly.

Dariet and the animals reunite with the party in Mirendale at the conclusion of “The Wolves of Mirendale”
Recently it has been learned that Dariet seems to fullfill some influential leadership role in the city of Asdelor. Further he surrounds himself with servants who carry themselves more like soldiers. During one encounter a messenger delivered a message to the mage and refered to him as a “High Lord”. Apparently Dariets past is a bit more detailed than anyone in the party currently suspects.


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