Thraim Belmek

Dwarven Undead Hunter


This 3ft 5in undead slaying powerhouse looks like the typical dwarf. Long
braided hair, cold piercing black eyes, very hearty. Has the potbelly,
long chin hair, a symbol of his Dwarveness down to his waist, cheek hair
grown long but only to his shoulders, each side of his face with four braids
hanging down, with the dark brown, almost red color it is fascinating to see.
His hair is a Blood red color, with a few strands of brown and grey mixed in,
grown down his back to his waist, and the front and sides lazily covers the rest
of his head, and almost obscures his eyes. His mustache covers down to his
chin, and most people wonder how he eats, without eating his own facial hair!
Clad in a full suit of double chain mail, covered with a robe as black as night,
he is definitely a sight that can make you stop in your tracks and re think what
it was you were plotting. His Battle axe was strangely colored red along the edge
of the blade, and has a unique cross at the bottom of it, almost as if it has
been purposely been placed, not just an ornate. His horse would make most men
laugh, as it is as thick as he is, covered in plate armor, its like a miniature
Human war horse, and looks as if it could go through the strongest walls without
even flinching. He looks serious, battle worn, yet gentle and soft at the same time.
He almost seems arrogant as you never seem to notice him with his robe over his
head, or double chain coif pulled up. Although most that have encountered him
normally do not live to tell about it, some that he did let get away said that
with his head covered and hood on, all you can see is his piercing eyes staring
right through you as you last feel his axe or stars slicing through you.


Dwarven misfit, Learns what he can then moves on. This is the early history of
the hero Thraim and his adventures to greatness (at least in his own mind).

Thraim was born into a loving family, the first of a set of twins, was born to
Werthur and Silvia Duernore. While it is still undetermined how a dwarf came by such a
human name, we know it was important in this little Dwarf’s life. Through his
early years Thraim studied the way of his Dwarven ancestors and learned the
ways of the modern dwarf rather quickly. His twin unfortunately just liked to
mess around and get himself into trouble with the locals. No one knows nor has
any one recorded his brother or sisters name, nor is much known about it. One day
after being teased for so many years about his mothers name, young Thraim gave
in to anger and slain one of his bully classmates and was cast out of his home.
Young Thraim wandered the Lopan country side looking for a reason. What for?
We do not know, but after a year of traveling, or 50 year old Dwarf happened upon
some sort of monistary. They noticed his rags, and noticed his unsavory demeanor
so they took him in to save his life from himself. For the first couple of years
at the Monistary Thraim managed to calm down with the help of a strange little
red fellow that called himself a Dragonman named Bloodbourne. They became
friends until one day they were given a choice in a path of training. His friend
the Dragonman decided to become a warrior monk, and Thraim decided to channel his
extreme emotions towards slaying the dead. Thraim made the choice, and wrote a
single letter back home telling his mother and father and twin that he is starting
on a path that he cannot speak about, but that it will lead him to the better of
all life on our map. For 45 Years Thraim learned how to battle undead, the ways
of the slayers, in hopes to one day return home and restore honor to his family.
Once he had been taught by the elite of the elite in both warrior and spirit, he
had finally finished his training, and set out onto the open road in search of
death, decay and to slay some undead. What he got was more than he bargained for.

Thraim has never really been tested in the field. A run in here or there with maybe
one or two UD, but nothing substantial. He wanted more…then one day he got in
over his head. The town was vacant, the UD were numerous, and it was just him, or
so he thought. Thraim yelled with all his might and the battle started. Knocking
the first 10 or 20 were easy….then he started being overran. Thraim had never
backed down from a fight before, but this time he considered fleeing when all of
a sudden this giant blue creature that he had never seen before jumped in and started
tearing into these creatures with a ferocity only matched by his own. They fought
side by side, vanquishing their enemies till not one was left standing. Strange
though, after the fight, the giant blue creature started looking Thraim over,
as if he was searching for something. When he was done he told Thraim that he was
going to be ok, nothing touched him so he will be ok, then all at once dissapeared.
Thraim went from town to town being called a vigilante vagrant and had ended up
getting a bad name for good deeds. During his time in the forests of the northern
areas, He had caught wind of this strange happening with people. He thought it strange
that no one was doing anything about it. He took it upon himself to reclaim his
good name and once again go home with his family’s name restored!

Thraim Belmek

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