Dragonmen/Monk Warrior with Dreyback as pet


In Bloods Travels, he has run into a blue Danzi named Tojo and traveled with him for
a couple months, they swapped stories, and did minor “quests” for towns they have

When I was younger, my family was killed because they were different. They did the
best they could to save me, leaving me at the Woodland Monistary. These people at the
new found home were strange. I have seen many creatures, and many people…I was taught
in the ways of a Warrior from these monks, and have been taught to stand up to wrong
and do right. Haha, yea right, I do what I want, when I want, but at the time in the
Monistary it was literally beat into me that I will be respectful of all living things
all people, and all creatures. I was told during my stay that there was another of mine,
someone of compatibility, someone I can try and start my own clan with, someone that wishes
to be my companion…. I know not of where this is, but know that in the area of the Northern
areas in the town of Swampyhallows. With my training, with my learnings, and with my best
friend Oscar, we set out to make our way in this world.

After my departure from the monistary, I kinda wandered, looking for
money, looking for real action….I found it. After a few misadventures, he has
become a mercenary of sorts, and that is only if he did not have to defend himself
because of his heritage. While many feared the dragonman, a few have found his skills
useful for guarding caravans, “Special” people…and just the underground fighting.
While Bloodbourne’s name was not commonly known, his presence was heard of… the
Horned Firebreather. His pet always kept him company, and while a name was never
settled on, Oscar seems to be the most common name used. I have never let Oscar
fight unless it was necessary in fear of losing him….losing his sanity, and
companion. In one town, someone was actually foolish enough to try and take Oscar
from me. Yes…He did not last long. Apparently he had family himself. How do I
Always get into these situations with the person or creature that I kill has family
that is foolish enough to seek revenge. I seem to have a lot of them, aside from people
Trying to kill me just for being the race I am.
I did try to find where I believe I came from, where I believed my home
was, Only to be met with….hostilities… After a quick exit, I just wandered for
some time until I ran into TOjo the Danzi. Nothing really notable happened, just the
usual save the town, subdue the bad guy…and many barbeques. I never really made
any enemies to speak of…although there was this one creature…(pp 42 of Monsters
and Animals) Dwarvling I believe they called them….Big group. After a fight for
some reason they all vowed they will avenge their fallen comrade. From time to time
the leader of this clan tries to get the drop on me, but they never succeed. Although
I noticed the last time we had an encounter there seemed to be more, and different creatures
with them. I have found myself more recently sitting alone in a closed Inn drinking
fighting, and causing a ruckus. Surprisingly have only been removed from a handful
of towns along the way. Not to long ago I received a message that my old friend Tojo
had been up north, and was on some sort of mission for some sort of death….not
much else to do, I packed up, moved out and hoped onto Oscar and we took off. We
met up with Tojo and he pushed me aside. He did not look in the best of health, but
told me about the group he was traveling with. So…My adventure begins with these
new companions.


Everdark DanTrunkey