• Bloodbourne


    Dragonmen/Monk Warrior with Dreyback as pet
  • Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

    Pretty but wouldn't be described as beautiful. Black hair that has a sheen to it that resembles the coat of a black pather and bright green eyes that can seem almost cat like at times.
  • Raed


    An male elf whom looks some-what like Dark-Angel. Some may say his hansomeness rivals her beauty. He doesn't have much on him: basic clothing, studded leather armor, and gauntlets that have seen some abuse. He seems happy most of the time.
  • Tamora Erhelnes

    Tamora Erhelnes

    "I trust him more than I trust you, afterall he's the villain. I trust him to stay that way." - Tamora Erhelnes
  • Thraim Belmek

    Thraim Belmek

    Dwarven Undead Hunter