Session List
Chronicals of the Everdark

Though this campaign has been dead for awhile now I have decided to resurrect it in a new format. For those who enjoyed following the group when Everdark was active check out the rebirth of the campaign Everdark: Shadow Rising. We have moved from Traipse too Roll20 and from Palladium to D&D 5e. We have also reset too a new cast of PC’s (Though 3 of the 5 players are original campaign participants), and a new time period in the story-line. This campaign predates the original in the timeline and it is my hope that after it is completed the original can resume to include this one as part of its legends and lore ect. We shall see how it goes. At any rate for those interested in tagging along please do.

The new Campaign can be found here at

Session One “Hollows Last Hope”
Session Two “The Battle of Black Snow”
Session Three “A Summons to Mirendale”
Session Four “The Dead Hollow”
Session Five “Escaping Falcons Hollow”
Session Six “The Hemsdale Shuffle”
Session Seven “The Wolves of Mirendale”
Session Eight “Following a Trail”
Session Nine “Uncertain Certainty”
Session Ten “A Past and Present Future”
Session Eleven “Explosive Encounter”
Session Twelve “A Long and Cruel Road”


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